High School Throwball

Southern New York Memorial Weekend Major Off-Season Tournament:Regional Seedings,Locations,Times

Host:Southern New York High School
Time:May 25-through early June
Location:New York,NY

1.Episcopal (Little Rock,AR) Best Player:Khalen Robinson (1SG,1OV) 2018
8.Central High School (Little Rock,AR) Best Player:Kenny Hatfield (4PG,7OV) 2022

4.Bentonville Christian (Bentonville,AR) Best Player:Mahlon Monk (1PG,3OV) 2019 Signed:Arkansas
5.Ft.Myer’s Day School (Ft. Myer’s,FL) Best Player:Joe Henson (2C,8OV) 2019 Committed:Ft.Lauderdale

3.Naples High School (Naples,FL) Best Player:Jamison Thomas (2PF,11OV) 2019 Signed:Texas
6.Gainesville High School (Gainesville,FL) Best Player:R.J. Moore (1PG,1OV) 2022

2.Highland Park High School (Dallas,TX) Best Player:Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,7OV) 2019 Dallas,TX
7.West University School (Allen,TX) Best Player:Jabari Williams (3PG,3OV) 2020 Committed:Arkansas

1.Southern New York High School (Syracuse,NY) Best Player:Fred Barry (2SG,5OV) 2019 Committed:Florida
8.Athens Christian High School (Athens,GA) Best Player:Julius Feland (8PG,18OV) 2020 Committed:Georgia

4.Oak Hill High School (Mouth of Wilson,VA) Best Player:James Johnson (6SF,28OV) 2019 Committed:Michigan
5.Miami Catholic High School (Miami,FL) Best Player:Will Frazier (3PG,6OV) 2022

3.High Point High School (High Point,NC) Best Player:KK Pinson (6SG,30OV) 2019 Committed:UNC
6.Charlotte Catholic High School (Charlotte,NC) Best Player:R.J. Benjy (2PF,17OV) 2020 Committed:Duke

2.Atlanta Christian High School (Atlanta,GA) Best Player:Andre Wilcox (4PG,8OV) Committed:Atlanta 2020, Oliver Patrick (7SF,32OV) 2019
7.Tallahassee High School (Tallahassee,FL) Best Player:William Brown (4SG,16OV) 2019 Committed:Florida State

1.Spring Lake High School (Spring Lake,MI) Best Player:Josh Goodwin (1PF,2OV) 2019 Committed:Duke
8.Fayetteville High School (Fayetteville,AR) Best Player:Jackson Modd PG Unranked 2020

4.Muskegon High School (Muskegon,MI) Best Player:Devin Mitchell (8SF,33OV) 2019 Committed:Michigan State
5.Madison High School (Madison,WI) Best Player:Antonio Banks (1SF,4OV) 2021

3.Austin Catholic High School (Austin,TX) Best Player:Reed Wilson (2SF,10OV) 2019 Sean Quills (6PG,24OV) 2019
6.West Memphis High School (West Memphis,AR) Best Player:Wilson Conley (2SF,5OV) 2021

2.Canton Day School (Canton,OH) Best Player:Sean Thompson (1SG,1OV) 2021
7.Happy Valley High School (Happy Valley,PA) Best Player:Carter Clemens (4SF,23OV) 2019 Committed:Penn State

1.Palo Alto (Palo Alto,CA) Best Player:Jake Lin (2PG,6OV) 2019 Committed:Atlanta
8.Phoenix Catholic High School (Phoenix,AZ) Best Player:Burke Phillion (3PG,11OV) 2019 Committed:Arkansas

4.Chino Hills High School (Chino Hills,CA) Best Player:Devin Powell (1PG,1OV) 2020 Committed:USC
5.Hillcrest Preparatory School (Phoenix,AZ) Best Player:Cam Manning (5SF,12OV) 2020 Quinn Johnson (1PG,2OV) 2021

3.Bishop Gorman High School (Las Vegas,NV) Best Player:T.J. Norman (4SG,15OV) 2019 Josh Hammons (1PF,13OV) 2020 Committed:Florida
6.Sacramento High School (Sacramento,CA) Best Player:Greg Taylor (2PF,13OV) Committed:UNC 2019 Wilson Stockard (8PG,29OV) 2019 Committed:Dayton

2.LA Prep High School (Los Angeles,CA) Best Player:Victor Chalmers (2PG,2OV) 2020 Committed:Ft. Lauderdale
7.Seattle East High School (Seattle,WA) Best Player:.James Snyder (2C,9OV) 2021

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