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Throwball News College Throwball Pre-Season 2018-19 Top 25

*Record does not count invitationals

1 Seeds
1.Duke Blue Devils (Durham,NC) ACC-Coastal Predicted Record:29-1 (19-1) ACC
Duke has the best player in the country returning Junior in reigning Center of the Year A.J. Williams.Duke also keeps another veteran in JUCO Senior Guard Bryant House who averaged thirty-three goals and fourteen assists in the 2017-18 campaign.Duke’s number eight ranked recruitng class included five-star forward Jack Goodwin (5SF,15OV),four star Shooting Guards William Gordon (15SG,55OV), and Quinton Walker (16SG,58OV),and two-star Small Forward Kevin Singler (36SF,122OV).Projected Starting Lineup:G:Bryant House Senior (JUCO) G:William Gordon Freshman Freshman (15SG,55OV) G:Quinton Walker Freshman (16SG,58OV) F:Jack Goodwin (5SF,15OV) C:A.J. Williams Junior Goalie:Mills Johnson Senior

2.North Carolina Tar Heels (Chapel Hill,NC) ACC-Coastal Predicted Record:29-1 (19-1) ACC
North Carolina will have to replace established guards M.J. Paige and William Britt but they return Sophomores Ian Donahue (SF),Dionte Wells (SF),Cam Walker (SG,PG), and return Juniors Armstead Williams (C),Porter Williams (PG),Kam Thompson (SF),Quin Alexander (C), and Mitch Alexander (Goalie).They also return starting Goalie Willie Hughes and backup Power Forward Deatrich Porter.While they do return a lot,they have the third best recruiting class in the country with Austin Andrews (2SG,9OV),Theo Miles (2PF,17OV),Earl Watson (7C,56OV),and Klein King (11PF,88OV).Projected Starting Lineup:G:Cam Walker Sophomore G:Austin Andrews F:Ian Donahue Sophomore F:Dionte Wells Sophomore C:Armstead Williams Junior Goalie:Willie Hughes Senior

3.Texas Longhorns (Austin,TX) Big 12 Predicted Record:29-1 (18-0) Big 12
Texas landed the top recruiting class in America headlined by the nation’s top two recruits,Jaylen Moore (1PG,1OV),and Carter Cook (1SF,2OV).Other five stars included Jackson Allen (1C,5OV),Reed Michael (3SF,6OV),Justin Trevor (11SF,31OV),Hugh Sanders (6C,37OV),and Russell Martin (9SG,39OV).Other top producers are to include Russ Calloway (11SG,45OV)and Ernie Powell (10C,78OV).Texas also returns two leaders at the guard positions like DeVontae Christian and Josh Green.They also return wings Jude Hughes and Ahmad Grace Sophomore Center Billy Wheeless should be tough to handle in the paint.Talent-wise this team is the best in the country but will they mesh together?Projected Starting Lineup:G:Ben Morgan Sophomore G:Josh Green Senior F:Carter Cook (1SF,2OV) Freshman F:Jude Hughes Sophomore C:Billy Wheeless Sophomore Goalie:Trent Alexander Senior

4.Naples Hurricane Gators (The Beach,FL) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:29-1 (19-1) AValley
They lose William Norfolk to the draft but bring in the second ranked recruiting class in the country headlined by Manny Toliver (4PG,13OV),Tra Jackson (3SG,14OV), and Sedrick Wilson (8SF,21OV).They return everybody else but William Haufrect transferred to Stanford.Starting Lineup:G:Will Green Sophomore G:Alonzo James Sophomore G:Tra Jackson (3SG,14OV) Freshman F:Sedrick (8SF,21OV) Freshman F:John Donavan Sophomore Goalie:Craig Flowers Junior

2 Seeds
5.Arkansas Razorbacks (Fayetteville,AR) SEC Predicted Record:29-1 (19-1) SEC
Starting Lineup:G:Will Schuhmacher Sophomore G:Charlie Radtke Sophomore F:William Wilson Sophomore F:Fred Stewart Sophomore C:Anthony Agnes Sophomore Goalie:Hayes Harris Sophomore
6.Little Rock Trojans (Little Rock,AR) Sun Belt Predicted Record:30-0 (20-0) Sun Belt Starting Lineup:G:Allie Freeman Junior G:C.J. Williams (2PG,7OV) Freshman G:Harris Bethel Junior F:Hugh Richardson Sophomore F:Kathlon Robinson Junior Goalie:Will Craig Junior Key Bench Piece:F:Reynoldson Parker (3PF,27OV)
7.USC Trojans (Los Angeles,CA) Pac-12 Predicted Record:29-1 (20-0) Pac-12 Starting Lineup:G:Christian Norman Sophomore G:Darius Robertson Senior G:Anthony Thompson (5SG,22OV) Freshman F:Dee-Dee Richardson (1SF,4OV) Freshman C:Miller Jones Senior Goalie:Ned Nathan Junior Key Bench Pieces:Cole Givens (17SG,60OV) Freshman
8.Georgia Bulldogs (Athens,GA) SEC Predicted Record:29-1 (19-1) SEC G:Mark Feland Senior G:Christian Thomas Sophomore F:Freddy Jones (6SF,16OV) Freshman F:Anthony Richardson (19SF,68OV) Freshman C:Zion Smith Junior Goalie:Mitch Roundriguez Junior (JUCO) Key Bench Pieces:Bernard Klein (23SF,81OV)

3 Seeds
9.Georgia Baptist Red Flame (St. Simon’s Island,GA) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:27-3 (18-2) AValley Starting Lineup: G:Manny Tate Sophomore G:Christian Jones Junior G:Anton McGee (19SG,71OV) F:Wesley Thompson (7PF,43OV) C:Bam Davis (12C,91OV) Freshman Goalie:Josh Wilbourn Senior
10.Virginia State Woodpeckers (Norfolk,VA) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:27-3 (18-2) AValley Starting Lineup:G:Alex Hannah Sophomore G:Houston Hicks (20SG,75OV) Freshman F:Jayden Durant Sophomore F:Zion Thomas (10PF,73OV) Freshman C:A.J. Hicks Sophomore Goalie:Alex Jackson Junior (JUCO) Key Bench Piece(s):Quincy Porter (23SG,95OV) Freshman Christian McGee (23PG,97OV) Freshman
11.Atlanta Robins (Atlanta,GA) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:26-4 (17-3) AValley Starting Lineup:G:B.J. Armstead Junior G:Christian Cain (11PG,44OV) Freshman F:Wilson Parker (15SF,48OV) Freshman F:Kevin Waller Senior F:K.J. Waller (Senior) C:Val Miller Junior (JUCO) Goalie:Victor Miller Junior (JUCO) Key Bench Piece:Justin Cooper (20SF,70OV),Jaylen Westbrook (25SF,87OV) Freshman Thabo Williams (35SF,118OV) Freshman
12.Denver Boones (Denver,CO) American North Predicted Record:30-0 (20-0) ANorth
Starting Lineup:G:Elliot Holena Junior G:Taylor Jennings (14SF,42OV) F:Jasper Holena Senior F:Henry Akers (1PF,8OV) Freshman C:Miller Johnson Senior Goalie:Lane Casey Senior Key Bench Piece:Wilson Andrews (29SF,99OV) Freshman
4 Seeds
13.North Carolina State Wolfpack (Raleigh,NC) ACC Predicted Record:27-3 (17-3) ACC Starting Lineup:G: G:Cam Barber Senior F:Clark Haven (24SF,84OV) Freshman F:Mitch Westcock (9SF,23OV) Freshman F:Quinn Cousins (9PF,65OV) Freshman C:Henry James (6C,50OV) Freshman Goalie:Whitt Gregory Senior
14.UT-Arlington Stallions (Arlington,TX) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:28-2 (18-2) AValley G:Devin Mills (14PG,60OV) Freshman G:Thomas Cook Senior F:Thomas Preibe F:Jake Allen Junior (JUCO) C:Wes Leigh (15C,120OV) Freshman Goalie:Ed Andrews Senior
15.Missouri Tigers (Columbia,MO) SEC Predicted Record:28-2 (18-2) SEC Starting Lineup:G:KaKa Hield Junior G:Lee Patrick (8SG,36OV) F:Quinn Wells (7SF,20OV) Freshman F:Allen Williamson (3PF,29OV) Freshman C:Joe Freeman Senior Goalie:Donald Crawford Senior Key Bench Piece(s):Thomas Pricker (8PG,35OV) Freshman Xion Christian Freshman
16.Alabama Crimson Tide (Tuscaloosa,AL) SEC Predicted Record:27-3 (17-3) SEC Starting Lineup:G:Mike Johnson (24PG,103PG) Freshman G:Andrew McCaffrey Junior F:Evan Brown Junior F:Greg Williams (4C,34OV) C:Greg Little (2C,12OV) Freshman Goalie:Alonzo Zaire Senior Key Bench Pieces:Chrishaun Thomas Sophomore

5 Seeds
17.Auburn Tigers (Auburn,AL) SEC Predicted Record:27-3 (17-3) SEC G:Thomp Walker Senior G:Trevor James (4SF,11OV) Freshman F:Rakeem Maton Senior (RS) F:Antonio Pointer (10SF,28OV) Freshman C:Tristan Thomas Senior Goalie:Victor Quessenberry Senior Key Bench Piece:Nick Bull (PF) Senior
18.Harvard Crimson (Boston,MA) Ivy League Predicted Record:30-0 (20-0) Ivy League G:Charlie Marks Junior G:Ned Williams JUCO (Junior) F:Charlie Marks Senior F:Hayden Harris Junior (JUCO) C:Zach Wilson (9C,77OV) Freshman Goalie:Victor Hall Senior
19.Dallas Blues (Dallas,TX) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:26-4 (17-3) AValley Starting Lineup:G:Freddy Banks Junior G:Thompson Williamson (14SG,54OV) Freshman F:Marcus Wilcox (17SF,64OV) Freshman F:Jean Antetokoumpo Junior C:Andy West (7C,47OV) Freshman Goalie:Fred Baker Junior (JUCO) Key Bench Piece:Johnny Williamson (11PF,94OV) Freshman
20.Huff College Wildcats (Little Rock,AR) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:25-5
(16-4) AValley G:N.C. Huff Senior G:Ben Freeman (17PG,74OV) F:A.J. Clemens Junior F:Greg Ricky Sophomore C:Bobby Thompson Senior Goalie:Theo Wilson Junior

6 Seeds
21.Oklahoma State Cowboys (Stillwater,OK) Big 12 Predicted Record:26-4 (18-2) Big 12 G:Joe Johnson Senior G:Lou Christian Sophomore F: F:Zion Clement Senior C:Wilson Carter Senior Goalie:Allen Carter Senior
22.FGCU (Ft. Myer’s,FL) Arkansas Valley Predicted Record:25-5 (16-4) AValley Starting Lineup:G:Wallace Jones Sophomore G:Trick Gresham Junior (JUCO) G:Evan Hurst (1SG,3OV) F:Trevor Baldwin Junior (JUCO) F:Allen Mitchell Goalie:Allen Caracheo Junior Key Bench Piece(s):Charlie Withers (4SG,19OV) Freshman Duane Jones (21SG,79OV) Freshman Christian Tucker (28PG,116OV) Freshman
23.Mississippi State (Starkville,MS) SEC Predicted Record:25-5 (17-3) SEC Starting Lineup:G:Theo Chalmers Senior F:Mason Cook Sophomore F:Jonathan Norfolk Senior F:Tevin Althoff Senior C:Greg Anderson Junior Goalie:Fred Mantel Junior
24.Michigan Wolverines (Ann Arbor,MI) Big 10 Predicted Record:25-5 (18-2) Big 10
Starting Lineups:G:Jalen Arbor Senior G:Andre Willis (18SG,69OV) Freshman F:KK Howell Sophomore F:Joe Wilcox Senior C:Oliver Peterson Senior Goalie:Greg Peterson Senior
7 Seeds
25.Ohio State Buckeyes (Columbus,OH) Big 10 Predicted Record:23-7 (16-4) Big 10 Starting Lineup:G:Jackson Johnson Senior G:T.J. Walker Junior F:Zion Lillard Sophomore F:Andre Houston Junior C:Aka Ugor Junior Goalie:Ned Stanberry Junior
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