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2019 Class Rankings (Middle of July)

Here are the class rankings for 2019 at the start of 2019’s cycle.

1.Arkansas Razorbacks (Best class in the SEC)
Description-Arkansas has never had to get the top class but has four out of the past six years in the final rankings and because of that has reached the Final Four five straight years.The Hogs have three of the top four players signed including Khalen Robinson (1SG,1OV),Mahlon Monk (1PG,3OV),Cam Gooseberry (1C,4OV).

Players committed/signed so far (from highest to lowest ranking)
1.Khalen Robinson (1SG,1OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Signed
3.Mahlon Monk (1PG,3OV) Bentonville,AR Bentonville Christian High School Signed
4.Cam Gooseberry (1C,4OV) Little Rock,AR Episcopal Collegiate School Signed

2.USC Trojans (Best class in the Pac-12)
USC clearly has the top class with a commitment today from T.J. Norman (3SG,12OV) 2019,and commitments from Bud Williamson (3PF,17OV),Chris Williamson (5C,21OV) 2019.
Players committed/signed
12.T.J. Norman (3SG,12OV) Las Vegas,NV Bishop Gorman High School Committed
17.Bud Williamson (3PF,17OV) Chino Hills,CA Chino Hills High School Committed
21.Chris Williamson (5C,21OV) Chino Hills,CA Chino Hills High School Committed

3.FGCU Eagles (Best class in Arkansas Valley)
After landing Evan Hurst (1SG,3OV) 2018,hey have brought that recruiting momentum into 2019.
Players committed/signed
8.Joe Henson (2C,8OV) Hometown:Little Rock,AR Ft. Myer’s Day School Committed
19.Milton McGee (4C,19OV) Los Angeles,CA LA Prep High School Committed
33.Raushaun Tate (8SF,33OV) Little Rock,AR Central High School Committed

4.LSU Tigers (Second best class in the SEC)
LSU has got its highest rated recruiting class since 2016 and has gotten two great players in Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,7OV),and Louis Joiner (5PF,32OV).
Players committed/signed
7.Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,7OV) Dallas,TX Highland Park High School Committed
32.Louis Joiner (5PF,32OV) Gainesville,FL Gainesville High School Committed

5.Florida Gators (Third best class in the SEC)
Florida has landed Fred Barry,(2SG,6OV),and William Brown,(4SG,16OV) (A flip from Florida State).
Players committed/signed
6.Fred Barry (2SG,6OV) Syracuse,NY Southern New York High School Committed
16.William Brown (4SG,16OV) Tallahassee,FL Tallahassee High School Committed

6.Atlanta Robins (Second best class in the Arkansas Valley)
Atlanta has landed Jake Lin (2PG,5OV) and Oliver Patrick (6SF,28OV) today.
Players committed/signed
5.Jake Lin (2PG,5OV) Palo Alto,CA Palo Alto High School Committed
28.Oliver Patrick (6SF,28OV) Atlanta,GA Atlanta Christian High School Committed

7.North Carolina Tar Heels (Best class in the ACC)
The ‘Heels have landed a commitment from Greg Taylor (4PF,18OV),and a signing from KK Pinson (6SG,30OV).
Players committed/signed
18.Greg Taylor (4PF,18OV) Sacramento,CA Sacramento High School Committed
30.KK Pinson (6SG,30OV) High Point,NC High Point High School Signed

8.Michigan State Spartans (Best class in the Big 10)
Michigan State has landed prospects such as Antonio Barton (5SG,20OV),and Devin Mitchell (9SF,34OV).
Players committed/signed
20.Antonio Barton (5SG,20OV) Hometown:Columbus,OH LA Prep High School Committed
34.Devin Mitchell (9SF,34OV) Muskegon,MI Muskegon High School Committed

9.Texas (Best class in the Big 12)
Fred Jackson only has one commitment,but they are likely to bring in at least three maybe more commitments to round out July.
Players committed/signed
11.Jamison Thomas (2PF,11OV) Naples,FL Naples High School Signed

10.Naples Hurricane Gators (Third best class in the Arkansas Valley)
Naples already has one five-star committed but are likely to get even more in the near future.
Players committed/signed
15.Anthony Johnson (3C,15OV) Naples,FL Naples High School Committed

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