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Five unranked prospects who impressed in Spring Lake (and that could be in the rankings soon)

We are going to take a look at five unranked prospects who impressed everybody at the Spring Lake High School Major Tournament/Invitational.

1.Josh Harris,PG,Soph. (2021)-Madison High School
The leader of the Madison offense has co-led the Whitecaps to the final four of the tournament,and a spot as a host in double-elimination regionals in the Midwest region.Harris was a great scorer,averaging over twenty-five goals per game,six assists,and six steals.Wisconsin will try to keep him at home once they offer but Virginia Tech and Florida Atlantic are the two early front runners to land Harris.
(Notable) Scholarship Offers-Florida Atlantic,Toldeo,Virginia Tech,,Florida International,Ouachita Baptist
Interest 50+-Washington DC,Norfolk,Northwestern,Michigan,SLM,Michigan State,Texas,Baylor,Alabama,Auburn,Wisconsin,Duke,Ohio State,Naples,FGCU

2.Jack Moss,SF,Junior (2020)-High Point High School
Moss defended each school’s key wing player,on High Point’s way to the final four of the tournament,and a chance to host the East regional if they win the whole thing.Jack Moss has been a reliable second option behind KK Pinson,someone who the High Point fans have been looking for.Moss averaged fourteen goals per game,ten rebounds,eight assists,seven steals,and five blocks.Wake Forest is the early favorite in Moss’ recruitment.

(Notable) Scholarship Offers-South Carolina State,Wake Forest,South Carolina,Ft. Lauderdale,Southern Arkansas CC,Southwest Florida CC

Interest 50+-Auburn,NC State,North Carolina,Duke,LSU,Ouachita Baptist,Washington DC,Michigan,Ohio State

3.Alex Harmon,PG,Soph. (2021)-Miami Catholic
Despite the buzz around five-star Freshman point guard,Will Frazier,Alex Harmon has looked like he can play beside Frazier,but has the point guard skills at the next level.Harmon has been a consistent double-double threat,shoots the three at fifty-eight percent,and averages six steals per game.Harmon has been highly praised by the Georgia and Miami coaching staff in Spring Lake as Miami Head Coach Jack Reynolds looks to keep Harmon at home.

(Notable) Scholarship Offers-Miami,Georgia,Florida Atlantic,Florida International,LSU,Baylor,USC

Interest 50+-:Texas,Kansas,Alabama,Arkansas,Florida,Naples,Ft. Lauderdale,Dayton,Naples,FGCU

4.Steve Blakely,SG-PG,Sr. (2019)-Madison High School
Blakley is a true combo guard beside Josh Harris,who has done very well since transferred from a bench role at New Orleans High School.Blakely averages twenty-one goals per game,eleven assists,and five steals per game but still is a work in progress on the defensive side guarding the perimeter.Blakely is likely to be in the Throwball News 100 coming out in a few days for the 2019 class.Blakely has never made a commitment but is a Michigan State lean but other Big 10 schools Ohio State,Michigan,Wisconsin,and Northwestern,ANorth schools Dayton,SNY,and SLM are in close communication as well as NC State and Syracuse from the ACC.

(Notable) Scholarship Offers-Michigan State,Ohio State,Michigan,Wisconsin,Northwestern,Dayton,SNY,SLM,NC State,Syracuse,Washington DC,Norfolk

Interest 50+-TCU,Alabama,LSU,Arkansas,Baylor,Oregon,FGCU,Northern Arkansas,Crossett,Kansas

5.Anthony Paige,PF,Junior (2020)-Allen High School
Paige is the younger brother of top ten pick in the NTBL draft,DeMarcus Paige,and brings the same skill set as his brother.Paige has been a guy who averaged twenty-two point five goals per game,fourteen rebounds,and six blocks per game.Paige impacted their loss to instate rival Highlad Park with twenty-two goals,fourteen rebounds,and six blocks.DeMarcus’ alma mater Florida State is in the hunt but Baylor,LSU,and FGCU look like the early favorites to land the brother of the best collegiate power forward in the country last season.

(Notable) Scholarship Offers-LSU,Baylor,FGCU,Florida State,Alabama,TCU,Ft. Lauderdale

Interest 50+-Arkansas,Texas,Naples,USC,North Carolina,Duke,NC State,Wake Forest,Georgia Tech,Jones College,Oregon,Northern Cal,Oregon-Cal,Oregon State

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