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(June 3,2018)

Florida Atlantic replaces Virginia State in the AtlanticWest Atlantic.Virginia State is in the AValley East now.Northwest Florida comes out of division three to replace FAU.

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(June 24,2018)

The College Throwball All-Americans and Awards

Pre-Season Carter Trophy Award Winner:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)

Pre-Season Position Awards
Pre-Season PG of the Year:Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Junior)
Pre-Season SG of the Year:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington (Senior)
Pre-Season SF of the Year:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State (Senior)
Pre-Season PF of the Year(co) Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State,R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton
Pre-Season C of the Year:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)
Pre-Season Goalie of the Year:Hayes Harris,Go.Arkansas (Junior)

Pre-Season Class Awards
Pre-Season Freshman of the Year:Evan Hurst,SG,FGCU
Pre-Season Sophomore of the Year:(co) Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina Will Schuhmacher,PG,Arkansas,Christian Thomas,SG/PG,Georgia,R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton,Jayden Durant,SG-SF,Virginia State
Pre-Season Junior of the Year:A.J. Williams,C,Duke
Pre-Season Senior of the Year:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington

Pre-Season All-American First Team
PG:Allie Freeman,PG,Little Rock (Junior)
SG:Thomas Cook,SG,UT-Arlington (Senior)
SF:Jonathan Eubanks,SF,Mississippi State (Senior)
PF:(co) Zion Clement,PF,Oklahoma State (Senior),R.J. Perry,PF,Dayton (Sophomore)
C:A.J. Williams,C,Duke (Junior)
Goalie:Hayes Harris,Go.Arkansas (Junior)

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(June 26,2018)

Former top senior high school shooting guard William Haufrect elects to transfer from Naples to Stanford.He will be able to play immediately because he transferred out of the Arkansas Valley Conference.

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(July 7-August 18,2018)

College Throwball Schedules,Predictions,and Rotations

1.Duke- (July 7,2018)

2.North Carolina- (July 7,2018)

3.Texas- (July 8,2018)

4.Naples- (July 9,2018)

5.Arkansas- (August 6,2018)

6.Little Rock- (August 18,2018)

(July 9,2018)
Crossett joins Virginia State in the Arkansas Valley.

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(July 15,2018)

Arkansas to restructure coaching staff

Will Petrino will remain the head coach.Mike Justice and Hall Hucks will remain co-offensive coordinators.Hucks is also the recruiting director.Anthony Justice will be hired at defensive coordinator after Will Petrino ran that side of the ball in the 2017-18 season.Anthony’s last coaching gig was at Northwestern where he led them to two Big Ten regular season and tournament titles.Arkansas schedule will be released at some point within the next few days.

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(July 17,2018)

SEC Pre-Season Power Rankings

6.Mississippi State
8.Ole Miss
9.South Carolina
14.Texas A&M

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Bracket Watch 0.0 (Basically a way too early 2018-19 bracket watch)

1 Seeds:North Carolina (South),Duke (East),Naples (Midwest),Texas (West)
2 Seeds:Arkansas (South),Georgia (East),Little Rock (Midwest),USC (West)
3 Seeds:Virginia State (South),Denver (East),Georgia Baptist (Midwest),Atlanta (West)
4 Seeds:UT-Arlington (South),Alabama (East),NC State (Midwest),Missouri (West)
5 Seeds:Harvard (South),Dallas (East),Auburn (Midwest),Huff College (West)
6 Seeds:Oklahoma State (South),FGCU (East),Michigan (Midwest),Mississippi State (West)
7 Seeds:Ohio State (South),AGCU (East),Michigan State (Midwest),Ole Miss (West)
8 Seeds:Florida (South),South Carolina (East),Dayton (Midwest),LSU (West)
9 Seeds:Ft. Lauderdale (South),Kansas (East),Ouachita Baptist (AtlanticWest),Tex Arkana (ARK) (West)
10 Seeds:Baylor (South),Virginia (East),Yale (Midwest),Northwestern (Big 10)
11 Seeds:Florida Atlantic (South),Arkansas State (East),Norfolk (Midwest),Oregon (West)
12 Seeds:St. Mary’s (South),UNC-Wilmington (East),Florida International (Midwest),Central Arkansas (West)
13 Seeds:UAPB (South),Villanova (East),Toledo (Midwest),Gonzaga (West)
14 Seeds:UTEP (South),Stephen F. Austin (East),Albany (Midwest),Arizona-Phoenix (West)
15 Seeds:Sam Houston State (South),Iona (East),Santa Fe (Midwest),Cal South (West)
16 Seeds:UM-Jackson (South),UNC-Asheville (East),Alabama State (Midwest),Weber State (West)

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