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Top 15 Foreign Prospects

  1. Yuri Moloevsko (1C) Russia: Plays Basketball at CSKA Moscow and also played soccer for Junior Russian National Team.
  2. Pablo Chavez (1PG) Brazil: Plays Soccer at University of Sao Paulo.
  3. Jean Pierre-Toutant (2PG) France: Plays basketball at North Carolina Foreign Team.
  4. Marcus Wallard (1PF) Canada: Plays for the New York Foreign Team
  5. Ukao Makalawi (2PF) Kenya: Plays for Ulaga High School In Nairobi Kenya.
  6. Marco Parcelli (3PG) Italy: Plays basketball for Lousiana Foreign Team.
  7. Yao Lin (1SF) China: Plays football for Universit of Alabama Practice Squad and plays Throw Ball for Alabama Foreign Team.
  8. Mohammed Jafar (2SF) Iraq: Plays Soccer for Iraq National Team.
  9. Arnold Jones (4PG) England: Plays Throwball for English National Team.
  10. Jose Hernandez (5PG) Spain: Plays Basketball for Real Madrid.
  11. Henry James (3SF) Canada: Plays Throwball for New York Foreign Team
  12. Osaka Nakamura (4SF) Japan: Plays Throwball for Japanese National Team.
  13. Hakeem Ndour (6PG) Nigeria: Plays Throwball for Junior Nigerian Olympic Team
  14. Carlos Diaz (7PG) Panama: Plays Throwball for Panama Nacional Junior League.
  15. Jean Williams (5SF) Haiti: Plays Soccer and Throwball for Haitian Royal Highschool.

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