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East, West Valley Conferences expect decision on season by fall meetings

East and West Valley Commissioner George Hall told the media late tonight that both the East and West Valley will have a decision on the upcoming season by the 2020 TN Fall Meetings, set for October 3-10. One potential schedule will include playing each of the fellow conference members, which would begin on Saturday January 23 or Saturday January 30. The other would have to have one (and only one school) from each conference forgo the winter sports season, putting each conference down to ten teams. They would match each team up with two teams from their respective conferences which would be showcase games where East and West Valley teams could not qualify for the NCAA Tournament.

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ACA to retain current conference schedule, push opening games back to December 26

The American Coastal Association will retain its current conference schedule the league office announced Saturday morning. Discussions went into the night about changes potentially being made to the schedule but conference commissioner Bob Fillion among others in leadership believe that this schedule will work. The ACA will begin conference play December 26, three weeks later than originally expected, by pushing conference openers back from their original December 5 date. The league will be moving forward with a conference only slate.

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College Throwball Post early signing period 2021 Class Rankings

4.Greg Michael (1C) Fayetteville,AR (Bentonville) Signed
19.Kenny Hatfield (2PG) Little Rock,AR (LR Central) Committed
67.Christian Jones (16PG) Desoto,TX (Oak Hill) Committed

22.Dee-Dee Matthews (6PF) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Committed
28.Victor Thompson (8PF) Fort Worth,TX (Highland Park) Signed
78.Cam Norman (13SG) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Signed

5.Wilson Conley (1SF) West Memphis,AR (Marion) Signed
51.Malachi Freeman (14PG) Knoxville,TN (Knoxville) Committed

Ohio State
6.Nick Houston (2SG) Chicago,IL (Prep) Signed
65.Theo Dosunma (7Goalie) Chicago,IL (Prep) Committed

16.Jonathan McGee (4SF) Syracuse,NY (Southern New York) Signed
91.Devan Wright (10Goalie) Syracuse,NY (Southern New York) Committed

North Carolina
34.Kris Meeks (6C) Charlotte,NC (Charlotte Catholic) Signed
93.Shaun Bates (14PF) Greensboro,NC (Greensboro) Committed

38.Ben Joe (9PG) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Committed
85.Karsyn Shepard (16SF) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Signed

Virginia Tech
56.Greg Hughes (11PF) Baltimore,MD (Oak Hill) Committed
71.Julius Johnson (17PG) Asheville,NC (Asheville) Committed

Michigan State
2.Sean Thompson (1SG) Canton,OH (Canton Day) Signed
83.Jaz Norris (13PF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Signed

Arizona State
1.Quinn Johnson (1PG) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Committed

9.James Snyder (2C) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Signed

Wake Forest
12.Christian Kiser (3SF) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Committed

Mississippi State
26.Quivarious Reed (7PF) Little Rock,AR (LR Catholic) Signed

31.Alexander Hamilton (6PG) Hartford,CT (Hartford) Committed

55.Tom Walker (15PG) Raleigh,NC (Raleigh Christian) Committed

Florida Atlantic
62.Michael Johnson (13SF) Tampa,FL (Tampa Private) Committed

66.Max Houston (9C) Charlotte,NC (Atlanta Christian) Committed

72.Victor Ludden (12SG) Waco,TX (Waco) Committed

Texas A&M
74.Greg Lee (10C) Houston,TX (Manvel) Committed

84.Kenny Chao (21PG) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Signed

86.Chris Edwards (22PG) Houston,TX (Atascocita) Signed

87.Jakeb Lee (12C) Denver,CO (Denver Christian) Committed

95.Richard Vaughn (18SF) Omaha,NE (Omaha) Committed

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Breaking:NCAA T-Division President Bob Leonard, NCAA T-Division Governors announce that upcoming season will be conference only due to COVID-19, but will include ACC-Big Ten, Big 12-SEC challenges

NCAA T-Division President Bob Leonard, the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors and the Power 8 Conferences have agreed that they will move forward a conference only schedule for the 2020-2021 season that will include the ACC-Big Ten challenge in December and the Big 12-SEC challenge in January due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ACC will play normal season opening games versus conference foes in November along with their normal two games in December. The ACA and Big Ten also play two games each in December but every conference will begin play in January. Many expected this decision to be made at the 2020 TN Fall Meetings but they did not have to wait to make that decision. The season will begin in December when the ACC and Big Ten begin conference play. Respective conference schedules will drop in the following days.

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News and notes from latest meeting between TN and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors

Here is the latest to come out of the latest meeting held at TN Headquarters in Little Rock with TN officials and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors.

If a (likely) spike in the coronavirus pandemic happens in the end of summer, plans for the upcoming college throwball season could still happen. The NCAA T-Division will go with its new longterm college basketball like format for the sport if there is no spike, but there likely will be one. If there is a spike that will put people back in mandatory quarantine through the end of 2020, the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors and the TN Officials have put together a proposal for the college throwball season:Each school would play a ten to twenty game season (conferences will get to choose how many games will be played) in a bubble for each separate conference (which would be decided by each conference’s leadership staff).

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Call vote of seven to three cancels 2020 LA Prep Major June High School Tournament, TN, high school committees eyeing July 3 start date

On a vote of seven to three, the 2020 LA Prep Major June High School Tournament was cancelled. The tournament was supposed to be the fourth AAU Tournament in AAU’s inaugural season in high school throwball and was shut down due to the COVID-19. TN and the T-Division Sports High School Sports Committee are eyeing a July 3 start to the AAU Season with the 2020 Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament which would be played from July 3-7.

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NCAA announces College Throwball to have equivalent to college basketball’s “Champions Classic” in November with Arkansas, Little Rock, Michigan State and North Carolina

The NCAA announced that college throwball will have their own version of college basketball’s “Champions Classic” called the “November Classic” on Tuesday November 3 in New York,New York. The NCAA selected Arkansas, Little Rock, Michigan State, and North Carolina to play in this event through the 2029-2030 season. At the 2030 TN Meetings, four teams will be selected to play the next decade. There can be repeat teams but not all four can repeat next decade.

Here are the match-ups for each opening Tuesday “November Classic” through the 2029-2030 season.

All games in New York,NY:

November 3
Arkansas vs. Little Rock
Michigan State vs. North Carolina

November 2
Arkansas vs. North Carolina
Little Rock vs. Michigan State

November 1
Arkansas vs. Michigan State
Little Rock vs. North Carolina

November 7
Arkansas vs. Little Rock
Michigan State vs. North Carolina

November 5
Arkansas vs. North Carolina
Little Rock vs. Michigan State

November 4
Arkansas vs. Michigan State
Little Rock vs. North Carolina

November 3
Arkansas vs. Little Rock
Michigan State vs. North Carolina

November 2
Arkansas vs. North Carolina
Little Rock vs. Michigan State

November 7
Arkansas vs. Michigan State
Little Rock vs. North Carolina

November 6
Arkansas vs. Little Rock
Michigan State vs. North Carolina

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TN is officially on YouTube!!!

The “Throwball News” YouTube Channel is officially viewable. Check out the channel here: I will post the 2020 NTBL Draft on the channel on Saturday as well as revealing who will be playing the each NCAA College Throwball Tournament to come.

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2021 TN 100 Prospect Profile:Quinton Lewis

Name:Quinton Lewis
School:Boston Christian
Official Visits:Connecticut, Harvard, Michigan State, North Carolina, Syracuse

#4 Position
#1 State
#21 Overall

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FTBL Owner and Commissioner Dylan W. interviews Alex Kupos.

Dylan sits down in an online meeting with former ranked 10th foreign prospect. Alex Kupos’ rank slowly fell this season as he missed 15 games from a broken arm. He spoke about the issue saying he is healing and that his rankings will soon go back up. That was not the case for Alex as his ranking fell from 10th best foreign to not even top 50. He says he might go back to basketball after this due to the struggle of getting his rankings up. He has played 2 years in Athens, which is also the birthplace of his parents, before moving to London and giving birth to Alex. He wants to keep playing Throwball but feels it is not good for him as he thinks about playing basketball every day. Being only 19 he still has many years left,but he feels basketball would be best for him if he wants to succeed. He had college offers to play basketball before he moved to Athens to play in the FTBL. Alex says, “I want to get my family out of the place they are, I want to go to the NBA. I want to be the next person to rep basketball for Greece like Giannis. My agent and I spoke, there is a spot on the Maine Red Claws.”