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2/15 College Throwball Top 25

A reminder that this will be final week the college throwball regular season. Of course, usually the regular season would run through the first weekend of March (would be March 6-7 this season). The reason why the regular season is ending so early is so that conference commissioners can make decisions for their respective conference tournaments, originally all set for the week of March 8-14 and then the next few weeks the 2021 NCAA T-Division Men’s College Throwball Tournament. So, this will be the final top 25 until March.

1.Kansas 13-0 (12-0) Big 12 This week: Kansas State (2/20)

2.Syracuse 13-0 (12-0) ACC This week: Boston College (2/20)

3.Michigan State 13-0 (13-0) Big Ten This week: at.Illinois (2/20)

4.Naples 13-0 (13-0) East Valley This week: 14.FGCU (2/20)

5.North Carolina 12-1 (11-1) ACC This week: at.Duke (2/20)

6.Florida 12-1 (11-1) SEC This week: 11.Arkansas (2/20)

7.USC 13-0 (13-0) Pac-12 This week: 18.UCLA (2/19)

8.Auburn 12-1 (11-1) SEC This week: Alabama (2/20)

9.Maryland 12-1 (12-1) Big Ten This week: at.Penn State (2/21)

10.Arkansas 11-2 (10-2) SEC This week: at.6.Florida (2/20)

11.Wake Forest 11-2 (10-2) ACC This week: NC State (2/20)

12.Ohio State 11-2 (11-2) Big Ten This week: at.15.Michigan (2/20)

13.FGCU 12-1 (12-1) East Valley This week: at.5.Naples (2/20)

14.Stanford 11-2 (11-2) Pac-12 This week: California (2/20)

15.Michigan 12-2 (12-2) Big Ten This week: 12.Ohio State (2/20)

16.LSU 10-3 (9-3) SEC This week: at.Texas A&M (2/20)

17.Missouri 10-3 (9-3) SEC This week: at.Georgia (2/20)

18.UCLA 11-2 (11-2) Pac-12 This week: at.7.USC (2/19)

19.Little Rock 12-1 (11-1) Big Southwest This week: Arkansas State (2/20)

20.Wisconsin 10-3 (10-3) Big Ten This week: at.Minnesota (2/21)

21.Oregon 10-3 (10-3) Pac-12 This week: Oregon State (2/19)

22.Iowa 10-3 (10-3) Big Ten This week: at.Nebraska (2/21)

23.Miami 10-3 (9-3) ACC This week: at.Florida State (2/20)

24.Virginia State 10-3 (10-3) East Valley This week: Southern North Carolina (2/20)

25.Florida Atlantic 13-1 (13-0) C-USA This week: at.Florida International (2/20)

Next Five:

26.Michigan-Spring Lake 14-0 (14-0) ACA This week: at.Dayton (2/20)

27.Oklahoma State 12-1 (11-1) Big 12 This week: at.Oklahoma (2/20)

28.Tennessee 9-4 (8-4) SEC This week: Vanderbilt (2/20)

29.Louisville 9-4 (8-4) ACC This week: at.Georgia Tech (2/20)

30.NC State 8-5 (7-5) SEC This week: at.12.Wake Forest (2/20)

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2023 TN 25:Sophomore Rankings

1.MJ Monk (1SG) Bentonville,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
2.Nao Ugor (1PG) Nigeria,Africa (Montverde) Undecided
3.VJ Justice (1PF) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (LA Prep) Undecided
4.Christian Duval (2PG) New Castle,Delaware (IMG) Undecided
5.Zion Payne (3PG) Toledo,OH (Toledo) Undecided
6.Kevin Gill (1SF) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
7.Kris Knox (2SF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
8.Aaron Jones (4PG) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
9.Ned Nelson (1Goalie) North Little Rock,AR (CAC) Undecided
10.Bill Nix (1C) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Undecided
11.Nate Oliver (2PF) Bronx,NY (Northern New York) Undecided
12.Malachi Altman (3SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
13.John Williams (2C) Kirksville,MO (Kirksville) Committed:Missouri
14.Alex Little (3C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
15.Luke Ervin (4SF) South Bend,IN (South Bend Catholic) Committed:Notre Dame
16.EJ Hurst (2SG) Cherokee Vlg.,VA (Oak Hill) Undecided
17.Victor Moore (5SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
18.AJ Richardson (6SF) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
19.Greg Newman (4C) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Undecided
20.Clark Wallace (5PG) Durham,NC (La Lumiere) Undecided
21.Fred Walton (2Goalie) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
22.Theo Moore (7SF) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Undecided
23.Chris Lee (3Goalie) El Paso,TX (El Paso) Undecided
24.Tevin Jackson (3SG) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Ft. Myer’s Day) Undecided
25.Howard Johnson (5C) Fargo,ND (Fargo) Undecided

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2022 TN 50:Junior Rankings

1.RJ Moore (1PG) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Committed:Florida
2.Javier Jaeavo (2PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
3.Jonathan Gooseberry (1PF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
4.Kelvin Joseph (1SF) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Committed:Florida
5.Damon Antetokounmpo (2SF) Bentonville,AR (Bentonville) Undecided
6.Will Frazier (3PG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Undecided
7.Jay Reed (2PF) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
8.Cam Williams (4PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
9.Theo Matthews (3SF) High Point,NC (High Point) Undecided
10.Jrue Reed (5PG) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
11.Chris Little (1C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
12.Ben Wilson (4SF) Chicago,IL (Prep) Undecided
13.Benton Newman (1Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
15.Az Johnson (2Goalie) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
16.Jonah Lewis (2C) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
17.Khasen Robinson (6PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
19.Christian Thompson (5SF) Virginia Beach,VA (Virginia Beach) Undecided
20.Lee Matthews (3Goalie) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
21.Devin Wilkins (7PG) Eugene,OR (Eugene Catholic) Undecided
22.Chris Everett (3Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Undecided
23.Chris Todd (3PF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
24.Joey Toliver (8PG) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
25.TJ Thomas (6SF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
26.MJ Mattison (4PF) Boise,ID (Montverde) Undecided
27.Thomas Levins (3C) Piscataway,NJ (Southern New York) Undecided
28.Wes Marks (4C) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville) Undecided
29.Charlie Williams (1SG) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
30.John Houston (4Goalie) Houston,TX (Manvel) Committed:LSU
31.Reed Powell (5PF) New Orleans,OR (New Orleans) Undecided
32.Javaris Thomas (6SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
33.Camp Norris (2SG) Little Rock,AR (Catholic) Undecided
34.Benny Brooks (8PG) Memphis,TN (East Memphis) Undecided
35.Jake Hicks (9PG) St. Simon’s Island,GA (St. Simon’s Island) Undecided
36.Jaxon Harper (7SF) Madison,WI (Madison) Undecided
37.Ben Nelson (5Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Committed:Texas A&M
38.Cam Clemons (10PG) Raleigh,NC (Millbrook) Undecided
39.Miles Porter (8SF) Columbia,MO (Nathan Hale) Undecided
40.Hayden Moore (6PF) Muskegon,MI (Muskegon) Undecided
41.Jack Hayes (5C) Oklahoma City, OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
42.Ben Milton (6C) Boise, ID (Oak Hill) Undecided
43.Victor Williams (3SG) Phoenix,AZ (Pinnacle) Undecided
44.N’Keal Evans (12PG) Fort Myer’s,FL (Fort Myer’s Day) Undecided
45.Will Plemons (10SF) DeSoto,TX (DeSoto) Undecided
46.Jonathan Harry (4SG) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
47.Evan Andrews (7PF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
48.Andrew Backus (8PF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
49.Fred Porter (5SG) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
50.Hugh Golden (11SF) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Undecided

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1/18 College Throwball Top 25

1.Kansas 5-0 (4-0) Big 12 This week: Texas Tech (1/21), at.Baylor (1/23)

2.North Carolina 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: at.Clemson (1/20), at.NC State (1/23)

3.Florida 5-0 (4-0) SEC This week: at.Kentucky (1/20), at.Vanderbilt (1/23)

4.Syracuse 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: Georgia Tech (1/18), at.Boston College (1/23)

5.Michigan State 6-0 (6-0) Big Ten This week: Indiana (1/22), (play Minnesota on 1/25)

6.Naples 5-0 (5-0) East Valley This week: at.Jones College (1/20), Charleston State (1/23)

7.Stanford 5-0 (5-0) Pac-12 This week: Oregon State (1/21), at.Arizona State (1/23)

8.USC 5-0 (5-0) Pac-12 This week: 17.UCLA (1/20), Arizona (1/23)

9.Arkansas 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: at.Kentucky (1/20), at.Alabama (1/23)

10.Auburn 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: at.Alabama (1/18), 19.Georgia (1/23)

11.Maryland 6-0 (6-0) Big Ten This week: Northwestern (1/19), Indiana (1/24)

12.Michigan 5-1 (5-1) Big Ten This week: at.Penn State (1/20), at.Illinois (1/23)

13.LSU 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: Tennessee (1/20), Ole Miss (1/23)

14.Ohio State (5-1) (5-1) Big Ten This week: Illinois (1/20), at.Purdue (1/23)

15.Little Rock 4-1 (3-1) Big Southwest This week: Houston Baptist (1/19), at.Wichita State (1/23)

16.Wake Forest 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: Clemson (1/19), at.20.Miami (1/23)

17.UCLA 5-0 (4-0) Pac-12 This week: at.8.USC (1/20), at.Colorado (1/23)

18.FGCU 5-0 (5-0) East Valley This week: Charleston State (1/21), at.Jones College (1/23)

19.Georgia 5-0 (4-0) SEC This week: Mississippi State (1/20), at.10.Auburn (1/23)

20.Miami 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: at.Duke (1/20), 16.Wake Forest (1/23)

21.Missouri 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week:  (1/21), Texas A&M (1/21), at.South Carolina (1/23)

22.Virginia State 4-1 (4-1) East Valley This week: Fort Lauderdale (1/20), at.AGCU (1/23)

23.Iowa 5-1 (5-1) Big Ten This week: at.Rutgers (1/20), (play at. Wisconsin 1/25)

24.Oregon 4-1 (4-1) Pac-12 This week: California (1/19), Washington (1/23)

25.Wisconsin 4-2 (4-2) Big Ten This week: Minnesota (1/19), (play 22.Iowa 1/25)

Next Five:

26.Tennessee 3-2 (2-2)  SEC This week: at.14.LSU (1/20), Kentucky (1/23)

27.Michigan-Spring Lake 6-0 (6-0) ACA This week: at.Eastern Indiana (1/13), Delaware (1/17)

28.Alabama 3-2 (2-2) SEC This week: Auburn (1/18), Arkansas (1/23)

29.Florida Atlantic 5-1 (3-0) C-USA This week:

30.Mississippi State 3-2 (2-2) SEC This week: Ole Miss (1/19), at.Texas A&M (1/23)

Throwball News

TV schedule set for opening college throwball games *Notable games* (Dec. 26-Jan. 3)

Saturday December 26

Eastern Indiana at. Southern New York (4 PM ET, TN)

Connecticut at. Charlotte State (8 PM ET, TN)

Tuesday December 29

Dayton at. Connecticut (8 PM ET, TN)

Thursday December 31

Eastern Miss at. Northern Louisiana (12 PM ET, TNWV)

Boca Raton at. Washington DC (12 PM ET, TNNews)

Asheville State at. Coastal (12 PM ET, TN2)

Penn State at. Purdue (12 PM ET, TN)

Boulder State at. Wichita State (4 PM ET, TNBSW)

Duke at. NC State (4 PM ET, TN)

1.Kansas at. Texas (6 PM ET, TN)

4.Florida at. Texas A&M (8 PM ET, TN)

Arizona at. Arizona State (10 PM ET, TN)

Friday January 1

Iowa State at. West Virginia (12 PM ET, TNNews)

Daphne at. North Florida (12 PM ET, TN2)

Kentucky at. 23.Missouri (12 PM ET, TN)

UM-Springfield at. UT-Arlington (4 PM ET, TNWV)

18.Wake Forest at. Virginia (4 PM ET, TN)

12.Little Rock at. Denver (6 PM ET, TN2)

FGCU at. 21.AGCU (6 PM ET, TN)

13.Michigan at. Iowa (8 PM ET, TN)

California at. Colorado (10 PM ET, TN)



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Top JUCO talent Marks commits, plans to sign with Arizona State

The top player in 2021 TN JUCO 10, Forward Jayson Marks has announced his commitment to play the final two years of his collegiate career at Arizona State. The Oklahoma City,OK native chose Arizona State over home state Oklahoma State and Texas. Marks joins the the top player in the 2021 TN 100, Point Guard Quinn Johnson and various other top prospects who are headed to Tempe in 2021.

Throwball News

Michigan State PG Manny Tate tells media transfer rumors are fake, and that he tore ACL in practice

Michigan State senior point guard Manny Tate took to his social media to explain a few things Monday night. Tate said that his transfer rumors are fake. It was reported by TN Michigan that Tate considered transferring to hometown Jacksonville University because fellow point guard (junior Victor Clemens) beat him out for the starting job. Tate did though confirm he had been away from the team for a week to deal with some personal issues and when he did return to practice in East Lansing yesterday, he tore his ACL. Tate said “I would like to confirm that I tore my ACL in practice today. I am expected to make a full recovery and thank you ahead of time for the support I will get through this tough time. I will take a medical redshirt this year and return to play at Michigan State in 2021.”

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Top prospect in 2022 TN 50 RJ Moore commits to Florida, leaves NTBL door open

Like his brother before him, top prospect in the 2022 TN 50 RJ Moore has committed to Florida. His brother Jaylen ended up decommitting and going to Texas, but Jaylen did commit to Florida before flipping. Moore, though, is leaving the option open to go to the NTBL G-League (or straight to the NTBL if it is allowed by then) when he plans to graduate from high school in May of 2022.

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(Updated) who is, who isn’t playing in 2021 TN 100 Camp

15.Quinton Lewis (2PG) Boston,MA (Boston Christian) Undecided
23.Brandon Ulis (4PG) Southfield,MI (Naples) Undecided
29.Jackson Hughes (5PG) Little Rock,AR (LR Catholic) Undecided
31.Alexander Hamilton (6PG) Hartford,CT (Hartford) Committed:Connecticut
35.Ju Johnson (8PG) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
38.Ben Joe (9PG) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Committed:LSU
39.Xi Nelson (10PG) Canton,OH (Canton Day) Undecided
44.Az Tanner (11PG) Salem,UT (Salem) Undecided
47.Michael Diggs (12PG) Indianapolis,IN (La Lumiere) Undecided
49.Eric Riggins (13PG) Austin,TX (Austin) Undecided
55.Tom Walker (15PG) Raleigh,NC (Raleigh Christian) Committed:Duke
67.Christian Jones (16PG) Desoto,TX (Oak Hill) Committed:Arkansas
79.Maci Matthews (19PG) Jackson,MS (Jackson) Undecided
81.Sav Sutton (20PG) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Undecided
88.Ari Vasquez (23PG) Mission,TX (Mission) Undecided
96.Kai Aguirre (24PG) New York,NY (New York Public) Undecided
99.Johnny Velazquez (25PG) San Antonio,TX (San Antonio) Undecided

11.Hughes Hicks (3SG) Baltimore,MD (Greenfield) Undecided
24.Mitchell Moore (4SG) Orlando,FL (Montverde) Undecided
32.Cooper Fisken (5SG) Little Rock,AR (LR Central) Undecided
46.Cody Ezra (6SG) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecide
54.Casey Dassinger (7SG) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
61.John Dumars (8SG) Detroit,MI (La Lumiere) Undecided
64.Trevor Milx (9SG) Houston,TX (Manvel) Undecided
68.Trey Odor (10SG) Madison,WI (Madison) Undecided
70.Jadon Wilson (11SG) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Undecided
75.Phillip Leach (13SG) Providence,RI (Providence) Undecided
82.Johnny Craig (14SG) Boise,ID (Boise) Undecided
89.Ab Myers (15SG) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Undecided
98.Victor Wiggins (17SG) Birmingham,AL (Birmingham) Undecided

7.Jerell Wiseman (2SF) Memphis,TN (Highland Park) Undecided
12.Christian Kiser (3SF) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Committed:Wake Forest
17.Kailon Mitchell (5SF) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
30.Sean Wilson (6SF) Fort Wayne,IN (La Lumiere) Undecided
36.Shawn Mitchell (7SF) Happy Valley,PA (Happy Valley) Undecided
37.Quinn Laimer (8SF) Des Moines,IA (La Lumiere) Undecided
42.Quest Pinson (9SF) Black Mountain,NC (Black Mountain) Undecided
48.Daniel Behling (10SF) Orange,CA (Orange Lutheran) Undecided
52.Kaden Mitchell (11SF) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Undecided
57.Victor Thompson (12SF) Columbus,OH (Columbus Day) Undecided
63.Reed Porter (14SF) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
80.Quin Grumbles (15SF) Maumelle,AR (Maumelle) Undecided
90.August Tayler (17SF) Athens,GA (Athens Christian) Undecided
95.Richard Vaughn (18SF) Omaha,NE (Omaha) Committed:Wisconsin
100.Devin Westcock (19SF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided

3.Katon Reed (1PF) Louisville,KY (LA Prep) Undecided
8.Mustapha Bagley (2PF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
10.Benny Tucker (3PF) Durham,NC (WS Episcopal) Undecided
14.Grayson Lee (4PF) North Little Rock,AR (North Little Rock) Committed:Texas A&M
18.Jonathan Thomas (5PF) Naples,FL (Naples) Undecided
40.Chris Plemons Jr. (9PF) Crossett,AR (Fayetteville) Undecided
43.Reese Pointer (10PF) Euguene,OR (Eugene Catholic) Undecided
56.Greg Hughes (11PF) Baltimore,MD (Oak Hill) Committed:Virginia Tech
60.Ned Wright (12PF) Orlando,FL (Orlando Christian Prep) Undecided

15.George Alexander (3C) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Undecided
20.Wells Lien (4C) Savannah,GA (Athens Christian) Undecided
27.Jed Jenkins (5C) Greensboro,NC (Oak Hill) Undecided
45.Greg Brooks (7C) Syracuse,NY (Southern New York) Undecided
53.Joe Traylor (8C) Kansas City,MO (Montverde) Undecided
66.Max Houston (9C) Charlotte,NC (Atlanta Christian) Committed:Atlanta
74.Greg Lee (10C) Houston,TX (Manvel) Committed:Texas A&M
77.Diana Mata (11C) Congo,Africa (Oak Hill) Committed:Arizona State

13.William Nelson (1Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
25.Ned Brown (2Goalie) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Undecided
41.Fred Lister (3Goalie) Nashville,TN (Nashville Prep) Undecided
50.Joe Sills (4Goalie) Albuquerque,NM (LA Prep) Undecided
58.Jackson Wilbourn (5Goalie) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
59.Greg Jonas (6Goalie) Oklahoma City,OK (La Lumiere) Undecided
65.Theo Dosunma (7Goalie) Chicago,IL (Prep) Committed
69.Bob Lee (8Goalie) Houston,TX (Manvel) Undecided
73.Avery Jones (9Goalie) Knoxville,TN (Knoxville Prep) Undecided

Throwball News

East, West Valley Conferences expect decision on season by fall meetings

East and West Valley Commissioner George Hall told the media late tonight that both the East and West Valley will have a decision on the upcoming season by the 2020 TN Fall Meetings, set for October 3-10. One potential schedule will include playing each of the fellow conference members, which would begin on Saturday January 23 or Saturday January 30. The other would have to have one (and only one school) from each conference forgo the winter sports season, putting each conference down to ten teams. They would match each team up with two teams from their respective conferences which would be showcase games where East and West Valley teams could not qualify for the NCAA Tournament.