College Throwball

Breaking News:College Throwball will use college baseball format for postseason tournament in 2019

Throwball News officials,NCAA officials,and NCAA Tournament coordinators met at the Throwball News meetings in Little Rock to discuss the NCAA Tournament fro College Throwball in 2020 for the 2019-2020 season.They will be copying college baseball.

Here are the rules:
The top EIGHT seeds will host regionals with four teams (a change from cbsb with sixteen teams hosting) .
It will be double elimination in regionals.
The winner of each region will meet in a best two out of three game series,with the higher seed hosting called the “Elite Eight”.
The “Final Four” will be played in San Diego with best two out of three game series,and the National Championship will also be a best two out of three game series.

Example Regions
Los Angeles Regional (Los Angeles,CA)

Chapel Hill Regional (Chapel Hill,NC)
5.North Carolina
Oklahoma State


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