College Throwball

College Throwball:TN experts react to new format,give way too early top eight seeds for 2020 NCAA Tournament

Carter-“I can’t believe it, to be honest. I suspect most people will have Texas at number one but I really like North Carolina as my number two team; excellent on defense, and they have a very versatile offense.” My top eight teams in this order are Texas,North Carolina,Little Rock,FGCU,Michigan State,Arkansas,Naples,and USC.

John-“I kind of expected this.I really like this format so let me get into my way too early top eight seeds-North Carolina,Little Rock,Texas,Michigan State,Arkansas,FGCU,Michigan State,and Naples.”

Andrew-“I like this new format. There will only be thirty-two teams in this tournament, so players are going to have to want it more.In this order here are my top eight seeds-Little Rock,Texas,North Carolina,FGCU,Naples,Michigan State,Arkansas,and Alabama.”

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