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High School Throwball:Summer Schedule

Here is the schedule for the final summer of high school throwball being affiliated with actual high schools instead of AAU teams:

Memorial Weekend Major Tournament Host:Southern New York High School Location:Syracuse,NY Winner:LA Prep Dates:May 24,2019 to Early June

Eugene Beginning of Summer Minor Tournament Host:Eugene Catholic High School Location:Eugene,OR Winner:TBD Dates:June 3-Middle of June 2019

June Major Tournament Host:LA Prep High School Location:Los Angeles,CA Winner:TBD Dates:Middle of June through Late June 2019

New Orleans Minor Summer Tournament Host:New Orleans High School Location:New Orleans,LA Winner:TBD Dates:June 26 through Early July 2019

TN College/High School Throwball Early Signing Period Dates:July 1-July 31

TN College/High School Throwball Early Signing Period Camp Host:Highland Park Location:Dallas,TX Dates:July 1 through the end of July

Chicago Tournament Host:Prep High School Location:Chicago,IL Winner:TBD Dates:July 12 through Late July

End of Summer Major Tournament Host:Spring Lake High School Location:Spring Lake,MI Winner:Oak Hill Dates:Late July through Early August

Off-Season Regionals Host(s):TBD Location(s):TBD Winner:TBD Dates:Early August through Late August

Labor Day Major Tournament Host:Naples High School Location:Naples,FL Winner:TBD Dates:Labor Day Weekend through the next week 2019

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