High School Throwball

New Orleans High School Minor Summer Tournament:Everything you need to know

Locations:New Orleans,LA and host locations
When:June 26-early July

South Region (Allen,TX)
1.Allen (TX) (Host)
8.Tampa (FL)

4.Tampa Private (FL)
5.Pine Bluff (AR)

3.Austin Catholic (TX)
6.MUS (TN)

2.Miami Catholic (FL)
7.East Memphis (TN)

East Region (Charlotte,NC)
1.Charlotte Catholic (NC) (Host)
8.Augusta (ME)

4.New Orleans (LA)
5.Savannah (GA)

3.High Point (NC)
6.Oak Hill (VA)

2.Greenfield (NC)
7.Northern New York (NY)

Midwest Region (Canton,OH)
1.Canton Day (OH) (Host)
8.OKC Prep (OK)

4.Archbishop (NY)
5.Milwaukee Christian (WI)

3.Columbus Prep (OH)
6.Canton Prep (OH)

2.CAC (AR)
7.Jefferson City (MO)

West Region (Portland,OR)
1.Portland Prep (OR) (Host)
8.Mater Dei (CA)

4.Chino Hills (CA)
5.Phoenix Catholic (AZ)

3.Santa Fe Episcopal (NM)
6.Sierra Canyon (CA)

2.Seattle West (WA)
7.Findlay Prep (NV)

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