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TN 32 6.0:Top 32 teams entering July’s early signing period

The first annual early signing period camp will be in Dallas,TX at Highland Park High School in July.

1.(1) LA Prep (CA) Region:West
2.(1) Episcopal (AR) Region:South
3.(1) Hillcrest Prep (AZ) Region:Midwest
4.(2) Highland Park (TX) Region:South
5.(3) Allen (TX) Region:South
6.(1) Gainesville (FL) Region:East
7.(2) Charlotte Catholic (NC) Region:East
8.(2) Madison (WI) Region:Midwest
9.(4) Montverde (FL) Region:South
10.(3) Southern New York (NY) Region:East0
11.(3) Canton Day (WI) Region:Midwest
12.(4) Miami Catholic (FL) Region:South
13.(4) Bentonville Christian (AR) Region:Midwest
14.(5) Kansas City Prep (MO) Region:Midwest
15.(6) Prep (IL) Region:Midwest
16.(7) Marion (AR) Region:Midwest
17.(4) Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) Region:East
18.(5) Greenfield (NC) Region:East
19.(2) Bishop Gorman (NV) Region:West
20.(6) Austin (TX) Region:South
22.(7) Athens Christian (GA) Region:South
23.(6) *CAC* (AR) Region:East
24.(3) Seattle East (WA) Region:West
24.(8) Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) Region:South
25.(7) Central (AR) Region:East
26.(4) Portland Prep (OR) Region:West
27.(5) Seattle West (WA) Region:West
27.(8) Naples (FL) Region:East
30.(8) Tulsa (OK) Region:Midwest
31.(7) Sacramento (CA) Region:West
32.(8) Manvel (TX) Region:West

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