College Throwball

College Throwball:2019-2020 ACC Preview

Projected Conference Standings
3.Virginia Tech
4.Notre Dame
5.Southern New York
8.Boston College

1.North Carolina
2.NC State
3.Wake Forest
5.Florida State

Pre-Season All-Conference Teams,Awards

Pre-Season Awards
Player of the Year:Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina (Junior)
Newcomer of the Year:Wilson Andrews,C,Louisville (Junior)
Coach of the Year:Seth Kenny,Wake Forest (3rd Season)

1st Team
G:Cam Barber,NC State (Senior)
G:Michael Huerter,Syracuse (Sophomore)
F:Ian Donahue,North Carolina (Junior)
F:RJ Baizley,Syracuse (Junior)
C:Wilson Andrews,Louisville (Junior)
Goalie:Preston Justice,NC State (Sophomore)

2nd Team
G:Tyler Jackson,Wake Forest (Junior)
G:Alonzo James,North Carolina (Junior)
F:Mitch Westcock,NC State (Sophomore)
F:A.J. Norwood,Notre Dame (Junior)
C:Christian Sisa,North Carolina (Senior)
Goalie:Ulysses Carter,Syracuse (Sophomore)

Newcomer Team (Transfers, Freshmen, JUCO Transfers)
G:Tyler Jackson,Wake Forest (Junior)
G:Alan Eerie,Wake Forest (Freshman)
G:KK Pinson,North Carolina (Freshman)
F:Greg Taylor,North Carolina (Freshman)
C:Wilson Andrews,Louisville (Junior)
Goalie:Melvin Wilson,Clemson (Freshman)

Power Ranking the players from first and second team
1.Ian Donahue,SF,North Carolina (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:54.7 GPG, 12.2 RPG, 8.3 APG, 4.5 BPG, 6.3 SPG
2.RJ Baizley,SF/PF,Syracuse (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:42.2 GPG, 15.6 RPG, 8.2 BPG
3.Mitch Westcock,SF,NC State (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:38.3 GPG, 7.4 RPG, 5.6 SPG
4.Wilson Andrews,C,Louisville (Junior)
2018-19 Stats: (JUCO) 58.2 GPG, 21.2 RPG, 15.2 BPG
5.Cam Barber,PG/SG,NC State (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:32.3 GPG, 17.2 APG, 8.2 SPG
6.Alonzo James,PG/SG,North Carolina (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:22.2 GPG, 12.3 APG, 7.4 SPG
6.AJ Norwood,PF,Notre Dame (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:34.5 GPG, 12.2 RPG, 10.2 BPG
7.Christian Sisa,C,North Carolina (Senior)
2018-19 Stats:29.3 GPG, 14.3 RPG, 10.6 BPG
8.Tyler Jackson,PG,Wake Forest (Junior)
2018-19 Stats:(JUCO) 42.3 GPG, 7.3 APG, 5.6 SPG
2018-19 Stats:23.2 GPG, 12.6 SPG, 5.5 APG, 6.6 RPG
10.Preston Justice,Goalie,NC State (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:466 rebounds, 506 blocks/saves
11.Ulysses Carter,Syracuse (Sophomore)
2018-19 Stats:455 rebounds, 500 blocks/saves

2019 TN 100:Incoming ACC Recruits
19.Greg Taylor (4PF) Sacramento,CA (Sacramento) Signed:North Carolina
26.Sean Quills (6PG) (Austin Catholic) Austin,TX Signed:Texas (Transferred to Louisville)
31.KK Pinson (8PG) High Point,NC (Hight Point) Signed:North Carolina
36.Devin Donahue (1Goa.) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (Ft. Lauderdale Day) Signed:North Carolina
40.Devin Ayton (7SG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Signed:Florida State
51.Alan Eerie (8SG) Tampa,FL (Tampa Private) Signed:Wake Forest
62.Victor Benson (10C) Syracuse,NY (Southern New York) Signed:Syracuse
64.Christian Barber (15PG) Hampton,VA (Hampton) Signed:NC State
65.Jaylen Thompson (16SF) Raleigh,NC (Raleigh Christian) Signed:NC State
67.Deon Samuels (18PG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Signed:Miami
79.Brendan Bush (13C) Los Angeles,CA (St. John Bosco) Signed:Syracuse
84.Quinton Williams (21PG) Queens,NY (Archbishop) Signed:Syracuse
85.Reed Thompson (22SF) Miami,FL (Central) Signed:Miami
91.Victor Thompson (16SG) Newport News,VA (Newport News) Signed:Virginia Tech

2019 ACC Class Rankings (Every team who got a recruit signed)
1.North Carolina
2019 TN 100 Signees:3 JUCO Signees:0
2019 TN 100 Signees:3 JUCO Signees:0
3.Wake Forest
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:1
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:1
2019 TN 100 Signees:2 JUCO Signees:0
6.Florida State
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:0
7.Virginia Tech
2019 TN 100 Signees:1 JUCO Signees:0

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