High School Throwball

TN, High School Committee agree to deal away minor high school tournaments for 2020,’21,’22,’23,’24,and ’25 off-seasons

Throwball News and eight out of ten high school sports committees have agreed to get rid of the minor high school tournaments as off-season play moves forward with AAU teams instead of real high school teams for the first time ever. TN and the committees agreed to these tournaments in this order now that the off-season stretches from March through Halloween:(All dates are in 2020) Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament (March 24-28), Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament (April 14-18), Southern New York Major Memorial Day High School Tournament (May 22-26), LA Prep Major June High School Tournament (June 9-13), Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament (July 21-25), and Naples Major Labor Day High School Tournament (August 3-7).

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