There will be mulitple posts on some days but not all days. THis is a special post so it came out on Monday but we will have the usual Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday post schedule this week with the week two high school top 32 rankings coming out tomorrow at 5 PM CT.

1.Dee Embiid (1PF) Lawrence,KS (Montverde) Stars:5 Committed:UCLA Considering:Kansas, North Carolina, UCLA
2.Jabari Williams (1PG) Allen,TX (Oak Hill) Stars:5 Signed:UCLA
3.Victor Chalmers (2PG) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (LA Prep) Stars:5 Committed:Missouri Considering:Ft. Lauderdale, Missouri, UCLA, USC
4.James Justice (1C) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (LA Prep) Stars:5 Undecided
Considering:Florida, UCLA, USC
5.Xion Thompson (1SF) San Antonio,TX (Highland Park) Stars:5 Signed:Texas
6.Anthony Paige (2PF) Allen,TX (Oak Hill) Stars:5 Signed:UCLA
7.Antonio Banks (2SF) Madison,WI (Madison) Stars:5 Committed:Wisconsin
Considering:Michigan State, Wisconsin
8.RJ Benjy (3PF) Charlotte,NC (Charlotte Catholic) Stars:5 Undecided
Considering:Auburn, Duke, NC State, TCU, Wake Forest
9.Cam Manning (3SF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Stars:5 Signed:Oregon
10.Fred Cook (3PG) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Stars:5 Signed:TCU
11.Austin Patton (4SF) Kansas City,MO (KC Prep) Stars:5 Committed:North Carolina
Considering:Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, SEMO
12.Victor Lewis (1SG) Dayton,OH (Canton Day School) Stars:5 Signed:Ohio State
13.Josh Harris (4PG) Bronx,NY (Madison) Stars:5 Committed:Wisconsin
14.Gordon Tucker (5SF) Jonesboro,AR (Marion) Stars:5 Signed:Baylor
15.Ben James (5PG) Shreveport,LA (Montverde) Stars:5 Signed:SLM
16.Josh Hammons (4PF) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Stars:5 Signed:Florida
17.Julius Feland (6PG) Athens,GA (Athens Christian) Stars:5 Committed:Georgia
Considering:Atlanta, Georgia, Georgia Baptist, Oregon State
18.Grant Messersmith (2SG) Winston-Salem,NC (WS Episcopal) Stars:5 Committed:Duke Considering:Duke, Wake Forest
19.Devin Jones (6SF) Austin,TX (Austin) Stars:5 Committed:Iowa
Considering:Iowa, TCU, Texas
20.Zach Wilson (2C) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Stars:5 Undecided
Considering:Gonzaga, Denver, Oregon, Oregon State, Portland, Seattle State
21.Sean Childers (3SG) Chicago,IL (Prep) Stars:5 Signed:Iowa
22.Allen Jones (3C) Tulsa,OK (Tulsa) Stars:5 Committed:Kansas
Considering:Dallas, Kansas, UConn
23.RJ Michael (4SG) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Stars:5 Committed:Kansas
Considering:Auburn, Kansas, TCU, Texas
24.Jonathan Wilcox (5SG) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (Ft. Laud. Christian Prep) Stars:5 Committed:Georgia Considering:FGCU, Georgia, Wake Forest
25.Dean Weston (5PF) Green Bay,WI (Madison) Stars:5 Committed:SLM
Considering:Wisconsin, SLM
26.Ben Miller (7SF) Tempe,AZ (Allen) Stars:5 Undecided
Considering:Gonzaga, TCU
27.George Brewer (7PG) Carson City,NV (Bishop Gorman) Stars:5 Committed:Oregon State Considering:Denver, Oregon, Oregon State
28.Donavan Powell (6SG) Portland,OR (Hillcrest Prep) Stars:4 Committed:Michigan
29.Ute Azubuike (6PF) Jacksonville,FL (Miami Catholic) Stars:4 Signed:Kansas
30.Jack Moss (8SF) High Point,NC (High Point) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Florida Atlantic, UConn, Virginia State, Wake Forest
31.Tre Matthews (8PG) Norfolk,VA (LA Prep) Stars:4 Committed:Virginia State
32.Houston Harris (7SG) Houston,TX (Manvel) Stars:4 Signed:Virginia State
33.Michael Street (9PG) Austin,TX (Austin) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Baylor, Florida State, Stanford, Texas
34.Jack Lin (1Goalie) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Stars:4 Committed:Stanford
Considering:Stanford, UCLA
35.Christian Berry (10PG) Apoka,FL (Naples) Stars:4 Signed:North Carolina
36.Theo Mixon (9SF) Seattle,WA (Seattle West) Stars:4 Signed:Oregon
37.Johnny Ming (6PF) Tokyo,Japan (Madison) Stars:4 Signed:UCLA
38.Chris McGee (5C) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Stars:4 Signed:Arkansas
39.Ian Thompson (10SF) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep) Stars:4 Committed:Southern New York Considering:FGCU, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, North Carolina, Southern New York
40.Riley Liston (7PF) Orlando,FL (Athens Christian) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Florida, Florida Atlantic, Georgia
41.Ben Baker (2Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Bishop Gorman) Stars:4 Committed:Virginia
Considering:Texas, Texas A&M, Virginia
42.Andrew Christoper (6C) Little Rock,AR (Central) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Arkansas, Arkansas State, Huff College, Little Rock, Mississippi State, TCU
43.Rhys Lee (7C) Ann Arbor,MI (Spring Lake) Stars:4 Committed:SLM
Considering:Michigan, Ohio State, SLM
44.James Law (11SF) Washington,DC (DC) Stars:4 Committed:Virginia State
Considering:Delaware, VCU, Virginia State, Washington DC
45.Clark Williams (11PG) Austin,TX (Austin Catholic) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Arkansas, Texas
46.Cam Joe (12PG) Fort Smith,AR (Bentonville Christian) Stars:4 Signed:AGCU
47.MJ Garrett (8C) Arlington,TX (Highland Park) Stars:4 Signed:Texas
48.Greg James (9C) Crossett,AR (Allen) Stars:4 Signed:Huff College
49.Amon Christian (13PG) Junea,AK (Oak Hill) Stars:4 Signed:Virginia Tech
50.Jayden Goodwin (8SG) Spring Lake,MI (LA Prep) Stars:4 Signed:SLM
51.Theo Wilson (3Goalie) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:AGCU, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford
52.Reed Thompson (12SF) Austin,TX (Austin) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Georgia Baptist, TCU, Texas
53.Quinton Lewis (8PF) Naples,FL (Naples) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Florida State, Naples, UCLA
54.Dylan Jones (10C) Little Rock,AR (Catholic) Stars:4 Signed:Little Rock
55.Manual Kjerstad (9SG) Amarillo,TX (New Orleans) Stars:4 Signed:California
56.Eli Carson (14PG) Newport News,VA (Newport News) Stars:4 Signed:Delaware
57.Miles Mitchell (12SF) Athens,GA (Athens Christian) Signed:Florida Atlantic
58.Greg Lee (11C) Indianapolis,IN (Canton Day) Signed:Ohio State
59.AJ Westbrook (4Goalie) Yazoo City,MS (Yazoo City) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Arkansas State, Mississippi State, TCU
60.Cam Smith (15PG) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Stars:4 Committed:Oregon State
Considering:Oregon State, Stanford, UC-Irvine, UCLA
61.Anthony Miles (9PF) Orlando,FL (Montverde) Stars:4 Committed:Florida State
Considering:Florida State, Georgia, Miami
62.Lewis Johnson (4Goalie) Tulsa,OK (Tulsa) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Arkansas, Oklahoma State, TCU, Texas
63.Anthony Sanchez (13SF) Amarillo,TX (Amarillo) Stars:4 Signed:Baylor
64.Antonio McPherson (14SF) Orlando,FL (Orlando Christian Prep) Stars:4 Signed:Florida Atlantic
65.Dillon Strickland (10PF) Omaha,NE (Omaha) Stars:4 Signed:Ohio State
66.De’Angelo Finley (19PG) Los Angeles,CA (St. John Bosco) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:California, Southern New York, Syracuse, UCLA, USC
67.Stepehen Ruiz (10SG) Laffayette,LA (Laffayette) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:LSU, New Orleans, TCU
68.Dillon Strickland (10PF) Omaha,NE (Omaha) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Clemson, Dayton, Gonzaga, Ohio State
69.Demarion Shea (12C) Jackson,MS (Jackson) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Kansas, Mississippi State, Ole Miss
70.Kasey Cooley (5Goalie) Fordyce,AR (Fordyce) Stars:4 Committed:Arkansas State
Considering:Arkansas State, Huff College, Virginia Tech
71.Cody Nichols (20PG) Nashville,TN (Nashville Prep) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Nashville State, North Carolina, Wake Forest
72.Allen Booker (11PF) Washington,DC (DC) Stars:4 Committed:Washington DC
Considering:Virginia State, Washington DC
73.Cheyenne Brooks (13C) Oakland,CA Stars:4 (Foothills Christian) Undecided
Considering:Oklahoma State, UCLA
74.Julian Riggs (21PG) Charleston,SC (Charleston) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Asheville State, Charelston State, NC State, South Carolina, Wake Forest
75.Val Goodwin (12PF) Spring Lake,MI (Palo Alto) Stars:4 Undecided
Considering:Stanford, SLM, UCLA, USC
76.Ka Peterson (23PG) Boston,MA (Boston Christian) Stars:4 Committed:Southern New York Considering:Southern New York, Syracuse, UConn
77.John Schaefer (6Goalie) Wilson,NC (Greenfield) Stars:3 Committed:NC State
Considering:NC State, Virginia State, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
78.Luz Torres (24PG) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Stars:3 Committed:Gonzaga
Considering:Gonzaga, Kansas, UCLA
79.Cole Cochran (11SG) Black Mountain,NC (Black Mountain Prep) Stars:3 Undecided
Considering:Asheville, Asheville State, Black Mountain, USC
80.Colten Wells (7Goalie) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Stars:3 Committed:UCLA
Considering:Arizona State, Colorado, UCLA
81.Joel Williams (13PF) Philadelphia,PA (Philly Prep) Stars:3 Committed:Syracuse
Considering:Syracuse, UConn
82.Jonny Hudson (25PG) Jefferson City,MO (Jefferson City) Stars:3 Undecided
Considering:Kansas, Missouri
83.Christian Melton (15SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Stars:3 Undecided
84.Al Weston (14C) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Stars:3 Signed:Atlanta
85.Pierce Doyle (16SF) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Stars:3 Committed:Ole Miss
86.Che Smith (24PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Stars:3 Signed:Ouachita Baptist
87.Malaki Connors (14PF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Stars:3 Undecided
Considering:Northern Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas
88.Oscar Webb (15C) Memphis,TN (MUS) Undecided
Considering:Baylor, Memphis, Tennessee
89.Emmanuel Wilson (27PG) Denver,CO (Fairview) Stars:3 Committed:Denver
Considering:Boulder State, Denver, Oregon
90.Brendan Little (15PF) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
Considering:Alabama, Florida, TCU
91.Nylah Dawson (12SG) Canton,OH (Canton Day)Stars:3 Undecided
Considering:Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State
92.Frederick Shaffer (8Goalie) Chicago,IL (Prep) Undecided
Considering:Iowa, Northwestern, UCLA
93.Chris Smith (13SG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Stars:3 Signed:Ouachita Baptist
94.Melo Portis (28PG) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Stars:3 Undecided
Considering:Duke, Louisville, Naples, North Carolina, Virginia State, Virginia Tech
95.Reid Harmon (14SG) Benton,KY (Louisville Catholic) Stars:3 Committed:Louisville Considering:Florida, Louisville, LSU, Pittsburgh, UConn
96.De’Andre Hand (16C) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Stars:3 Undecided Considering:Atlanta, Dallas, FGCU, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Baptist, Naples
97.Len Lewis (9Goalie) Warner-Robins,GA (Warner Robins) Stars:3 Signed:Georgia
98.Damon Lee (29PG) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Stars:3 Undecided Considering:Kansas, Syracuse, TCU
99.Ab Jackson (16PF) Akron,OH (St. Vincent-St. Mary) Stars:3 Undecided Considering:Canton Baptist, Dayton, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Southern New York
100.Chris Lea (10Goalie) Topeka,KS (Topeka) Stars:3 Committed:Missouri Considering:Missouri, Kansas