Each top 10 players are going to be paid nice amounts of money for practicing and other things to help them keep going in throwball.

  1. Max Sopiere(France) 10,000 Dollars
  2. Sam Cartright(Canada) 9,000 Dollars
  3. Miguel Poco(Brazil) 8,000 Dollars
  4. Carmelo Vecci(Italy) 7,000 Dollars
  5. Aito Watanabe(Japan) 6,000 dollars
  6. Shi Fu Chung(China) 5,000 Dollars
  7. Connor Faragan(Ireland) 4,000 Dollars
  8. Sam Jones(England) 3,000 Dollars
  9. Victor Bobovski(Ukraine) 2,000 Dollars
  10. Vincent Martin(Australia) 1,000 Dollars

If the parents  use this money for anything else but their child/children, they will be fined. I, the head of all foreign throwball, will start a donation within the NTBL to support poor nations in creating a field and buying equipment.