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2022 TN 30:May Rankings

1.RJ Moore (1PG) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Undecided
2.Javier Jaeavo (2PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
3.Jonathan Gooseberry (1PF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
4.Kelvin Joseph (1SF) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Undecided
5.Damon Antetokounmpo (2SF) Bentonville,AR (Bentonville) Undecided
6.Will Frazier (3PG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Undecided
7.Cam Williams (4PG) Little Rock,AR (CAC) Undecided
8.Jay Reed (2PF) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
9.Jrue Reed (5PG) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
10.Theo Matthews (3SF) High Point,NC (High Point) Undecided
11.Chris Little (1C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
12.Ben Wilson (4SF) Chicago,IL (Prep) Undecided
13.Benton Newman (1Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
14.Khasen Robinson (6PG) Little Rock,AR (Bryant) Undecided
15.Az Johnson (2Goalie) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
16.Jonah Lewis (2C) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
17.Camp Norris (1SG) Little Rock,AR (Catholic) Undecided
18.Christian Thompson (5SF) Virginia Beach,VA (Virginia Beach) Undecided
19.Lee Matthews (3Goalie) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
20.Devin Wilkins (7PG) Eugene,OR (Eugene Catholic) Undecided
21.Chris Everett (3Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Undecided
22.Chris Todd (3PF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
23.Joey Toliver (8PG) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
24.TJ Thomas (6SF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
25.MJ Mattison (4PF) Boise,ID (Montverde) Undecided
26.Thomas Levins (3C) Piscataway,NJ (Southern New York) Undecided
27.Wes Marks (4C) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville) Undecided
28.John Houston (4Goalie) Houston,TX (Manvel) Committed:LSU
29.Reed Powell (5PF) New Orleans,OR (New Orleans) Undecided
30.Charlie Williams (2SG) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided

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