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High School President Emmert, NCAA T-Division Board of Governors propose new college throwball signing dates (for high schoolers) for 2021-2022 and beyond

High School Throwball Matt Emmert, the President NCAA T-Division Sports Bob Leonard, and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors have agreed on and are proposing new signing dates for the 2021-2022 academic year and beyond. Currently, there is an early signing period from July 1-31 and a later signing date from December 21-23. They are proposing an early signing date on the third Friday of April (the first one would be April 16, 2021) and the old early signing date (the Monday-Wednesday before Christmas), will be the new late signing period (the first would be December 20-22). It will be voted on at the 2020 TN Fall Meetings from October 3-October 10.

Here is the high school throwball camp, signing dates, regular season dates, conference, regional, state, national tournament dates, and more for 2021-2022 school year

August 2-16
2021 High School Throwball Off-Season Regionals

August 2
2022 TN 100 Camp Choosing Deadline

August 20-22
2025 TN 10 (HS Freshmen) Camp

August 27-29
2024 TN 25 (HS Sophomores) Camp

September 10-12
2023 TN 50 (HS Juniors) Camp

September 25-October 2
2022 TN 100 (HS Seniors) Camp

November 1-February 11
2021-2022 High School Throwball Regular Season

December 20-22
2022 High School Throwball early signing period

February 11
2021-2022 High School Throwball Regular Season ends

February 14-18
20222 High School Conference Tournaments

February 21-25
2022 High School Regional Tournaments

February 28-March 4
2022 High School State Tournaments

March 7-11
2022 TN Tropical Smoothie High School Throwball Nationals

March 11
2021-2022 High School Throwball Season ends

March 21-25
2022 AAU Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament

April 11-15
2022 AAU Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament

April 15
2022 High School Throwball late signing period

May 27-31
2022 AAU Southern New York Major Memorial Day High School Tournament

June 13-17
2022 AAU LA Prep Major June High School Tournament

July 1-5
2022 AAU Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament

July 18-22
2022 AAU Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

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