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2023 TN 50: July rankings

1.MJ Monk (1SG) Bentonville,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
2.Nao Ugor (1PG) Nigeria,Africa (Montverde) Undecided
3.VJ Justice (1PF) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (LA Prep) Undecided
4.Christian Duval (2PG) New Castle,DE (IMG) Undecided
5.Zion Payne (3PG) Toledo,OH (Toledo) Undecided
6.Kevin Gill (1SF) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
7.Kris Knox (2SF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
8.Aaron Jones (4PG) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
9.Ned Nelson (1Goalie) North Little Rock,AR (CAC) Undecided
10.Bill Nix (1C) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Undecided
11.Nate Oliver (2PF) Bronx,NY (Northern New York) Undecided
12.Malachi Altman (3SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
13.John Williams (2C) Kirksville,MO (Kirksville) Committed:Missouri
14.Alex Little (3C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
15.EJ Hurst (2SG) Cherokee Vlg.,VA (Oak Hill) Undecided
16.Luke Ervin (4SF) South Bend,IN (South Bend Catholic) Committed:Notre Dame
17.Victor Moore (5SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
18.AJ Richardson (6SF) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
19.Greg Newman (4C) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Undecided
20.Clark Wallace (5PG) Durham,NC (La Lumiere) Undecided
21.Fred Walton (2Goalie) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
22.Theo Moore (7SF) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Undecided
23.Chris Lee (3Goalie) El Paso,TX (El Paso) Undecided
24.Tevin Jackson (3SG) Fort Myer’s,FL (Fort Myer’s Day) Undecided
25.Howard Johnson (5C) Fargo,ND (Fargo) Undecided
26.Quinton Thompson (8SF) Orlando,FL (Montverde) Undecided
27.Anthony Mills (6C) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Undecided
28.Christian Taylor (9SF) Chicago,IL (Prep) Undecided
29.Ashton West (6PG) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Undecided
30.Weston Weaver (10SF) Washington DC (Washington DC) Undecided
31.Andrew Daymon (3Goalie) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Undecided
32.Reed Raymond (4SG) Asheville,NC (Huff NC) Undecided
33.Devin Alexander (7PG) Jacksonville,FL (Spire Institute) Undecided
34.Robert Jenkins (5SG) Tallahassee,FL (Tallahassee) Undecided
35.Dee Edmunds (11SF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
36.Alex Edwards (6SG) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
37.Rex Blackmon (4Goalie) Austin,TX (Austin Westlake) Undecided
38.John Porter (8PG) Miami,FL (Miami Central) Undecided
39.Benton Elson (12SF) Madison,WI (Madison) Undecided
40.Luke Williams (7SG) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Undecided
41.Andrew Collins (5Goalie) High Point,NC (High Point) Undecided
42.Fred Edwards (9PG) Fort Worth,TX (Fort Worth) Undecided
43.Houston Wells (7C) Charleston,SC (Charleston) Undecided
44.Anthony Wilson (13SF) Lawrence,KS (Cottonwood Prep) Undecided
45.Alexander Mills (8C) Madison,WI (Madison) Committed: Wisconsin
46.Andy Pallette (6Goalie) Mouth of Wilson,VA (Oak Hill) Undecided
47.Jonathan Clark (3PF) Durham,NC (Durham) Committed: Duke
48.Anakin Edwards (10PG) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Undecided
49.Sean Huff (14SF) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Undecided
50.Eli Jones (7Goalie) Des Moines,IA (Des Moines) Undecided

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