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2022 TN 100: Who signed during the early signing period

1.RJ Moore (1PG) Gainesville,FL (La Lumiere) Signed: Florida
2.Javier Jaeavo (2PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed: Arkansas
3.Damon Antetokounmpo (1SF) Greece (OKC Prep) Signed: Oklahoma
4.Kelvin Joseph (2SF) Gainesville,FL (La Lumiere) Signed: Florida
5.Jonathan Gooseberry (1PF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed:Arkansas
6.Cam Williams (3PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Signed: Arkansas
7.Will Frazier (4PG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Signed: Miami
8.Jay Reed (2PF) Fort Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed: Naples
9.Theo Matthews (3SF) High Point,NC (Oak Hill) Undecided
10.Jonah Lewis (1C) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Signed: LSU
11.Charlie Williams (1SG) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Signed: Oklahoma
12.Jonathan Harry (2SG) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Signed: Oklahoma
13.Benton Newman (1Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
14.Devin Wilkins (5PG) Eugene,OR (Eugene Catholic) Signed: Oregon
15.Jrue Reed (6PG) Fort Myer’s,FL (Naples) Signed: Naples
16.Chris Little (2C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Signed: Ole Miss
17.Christian Thompson (4SF) Virginia Beach,VA (Virginia Beach) Undecided
18.Ben Wilson (5SF) Chicago,IL (Prep) Signed: Tennessee
19.Chris Todd (3PF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Signed: UM-Spring Lake
20.Az Johnson (2Goalie) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
21.Khasen Robinson (6PG) Bryant,AR (Episcopal) Signed: Little Rock
22.Lee Matthews (3Goalie) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
23.Chris Everett (4Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Signed: LSU
24.Joey Toliver (8PG) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
25.TJ Thomas (6SF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
26.MJ Mattison (4PF) Boise,ID (Montverde) Undecided
27.N’Keal Evans (9PG) Fort Myer’s,FL (Fort Myer’s Day) Signed: Colorado
28.Thomas Levins (3C) Piscataway,NJ (Southern New York) Undecided
29.Wes Marks (4C) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville) Signed: Arkansas
30.John Houston (5Goalie) Houston,TX (Manvel) Signed: LSU
31.Reed Powell (5PF) New Orleans,OR (New Orleans) Undecided
32.Javaris Thomas (6SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
33.Benny Brooks (8PG) Memphis,TN (East Memphis) Undecided
34.Jake Hicks (10PG) St. Simon’s Island,GA (St. Simon’s Island) Signed: Georgia Baptist
35.Jaxon Harper (7SF) Madison,WI (Madison) Undecided
36.Ben Nelson (5C) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Signed:Texas A&M
37.Cam Clemons (10PG) Raleigh,NC (Millbrook) Signed: NC State
38.Miles Porter (8SF) Columbia,MO (Nathan Hale) Undecided
39.Hayden Moore (6PF) Muskegon,MI (Muskegon) Undecided
40.Jack Hayes (6C) Oklahoma City, OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
41.Ben Milton (7C) Boise, ID (Oak Hill) Undecided
42.Victor Williams (3SG) Phoenix,AZ (Pinnacle) Undecided
43.Will Plemons (10SF) DeSoto,TX (DeSoto) Undecided
44.Damion Eckles (7PF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Signed: Oklahoma
45.Andrew Backus (8PF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Committed: UCLA
46.Evan Andrews (9PF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
47.Fred Porter (4SG) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Committed: Ole Miss
48.Kollin Chandler (13PG) Memphis,TN (Sunrise Christian) Signed: Tennessee
49.Brian Edwards (11SF) Geneva,OH (Spire Institute) Undecided
50.Hugh Golden (12SF) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Committed: Naples
51.Collin Cunningham (14PG) Arlington,TX (Montverde) Signed: Oklahoma State
52.Josiah Linwood (13SF) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Signed: Oregon
53.Moses Wilson (9PF) Austin,TX (Austin Westlake) Undecided
54.Victor Blair (10PF) Crossett,AR (Huff LR) Undecided
55.Cam Sexton (15PG) Mableton,GA (Pebblebrook) Undecided
56.Jontay Evans (8C) Geneva,OH (Spire Institute) Undecided
57.Henry Lea (11PF) Virginia Beach,VA (Oak Hill) Undecided
58.Freddy Bates (5SG) Lawrence,KS (Cottonwood Prep) Committed: Kansas
59.Camp Norris (6SG) Little Rock,AR (LR Catholic) Undecided
60.Austin James (16PG) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
61.Mills Thompson (7Goalie) Bel Aire,KS (Sunrise Christian) Undecided
62.Josh Dickinson (14SF) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
63.Jaxon Davis (17PG) Jacksonville,AR (Jacksonville) Committed: Arkansas
64.Greg Jackson (8Goalie) Las Vegas,NV (Bishop Gorman) Undecided
65.Tom Taylor (18PG) Austin,TX (Austin Westlake) Committed: Florida State
66.Javon Tatis (7SG) Kansas City,MO (Kansas City Prep) Signed: Kansas State
67.Christian Hicks (13PF) Denver,CO (Wasatch) Undecided
68.John Moore (8SG) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
69.Sam Edwards (9Goalie) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Committed:Florida
70.Thompson Edmunds (15SF) Little Rock,AR (Huff LR) Committed: Ouachita Baptist
71.Andrew Thompson (14PF) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville) Undecided
72.Jackson Helms (9SG) Scottsdale,AZ (Notre Dame Prep) Undecided
73.Johnny Wiggins (19PG) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
74.Orlando Reynolds (15PF) Bel Aire,KS (Sunrise Christian) Committed: Kansas State
75.Josh Battles (20PG) San Antonio,TX (James Madison) Undecided
76.Cullen Nelson (10Goalie) Nashville,TN (Wilson Central) Undecided
77.Justin Smith (10SG) Indianapolis,IN (La Lumiere) Undecided
78.Victor Bolden (16SF) Knoxville,TN (Knoxville Prep) Undecided
79.Jack Goodheart (11SG) Magnolia,AR (Magnolia) Undecided
80.Bob Slavens (9C) Olathe,KS (Olathe Northwest) Undecided
81.Jason Pierce (11Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Prep) Committed: Arizona State
82.Efron Andrews (21PG) Orlando,FL (Orlando Christian Prep) Undecided
83.Pierre Anderson (12SG) Norman,OK (Wasatch) Undecided
84.Jonathan Lee (17SF) Concord,NH (Brewster) Signed:Duke
85.Jonathan Porter (16PF) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Signed: Louisville
86.Anthony McKenzie (17PF) Nashville,TN (Nashville Prep) Signed: Vanderbilt
87.Anquan Wells (18SF) Dallas,TX (Booker T. Washington) Committed: Arkansas
88.Damion Brown (18PF) Little Rock,AR (LR Central) Undecided
89.Theo Lipicius (19SF) Williamsburg,VA (Laffayette) Signed: Tennessee
90.Tom McLaughlin (22PG) Seattle,WA (Seattle West) Signed: Oregon
91.Gray Levins (20SF) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Undecided
92.Dylan West (23PG) Asheville,NC (Huff NC) Undecided
93.Josiah Tinnesz (13SG) Sacramento,CA (Sacramento) Committed: Stanford
94.Clark Tucker (12Goalie) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
95.Davonte Grey (24PG) Orange,CA (Orange Lutheran) Undecided
96.Fred Lewis (13Goalie) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
97.Wells Thompson (14Goalie) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
98.Quinton Wood (9C) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Undecided
99.Lucian Clark (15Goalie) Los Angeles,CA (St. John Bosco) Signed: USC
100.Julio Lopez (24PG) San Antonio,TX (San Antonio) Committed: Texas

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