High School Throwball

High School Ball Tournament (Fantasy High School League picked by 8 different teams) Rounds 1 and 2

The teams may only pick from the 2018,2019,and 2020 classes.
15 rounds
Flipped Draft Order
Draft Order and Selections
Round 1
1.Ballers:Josh Goodwin (1PF,1OV) 2020 Spring Lake,MI Committed:Duke
2.Warriors:Mahlon Monk (1PG,1OV) 2019 Bentonville,AR Signed:Arkansas
3.Stars:Khalen Robinson (1SG,2OV)2019 Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
4.Wildcats:Carter Cook (1SF,1OV) 2018 Dallas,TX Committed:Florida
5.Cavaliers:Jaylen Moore (1PG,3OV) 2018 Gainesville,FL Committed:Florida
6.Cowboys:Evan Hurst (1SG,2OV) 2018 Cherokee Vlg.,VA Committed:NARK
7.Eagles:Victor Chalmers (1PG,2OV) 2020 Ft.Lauderdale,FL Committed:Undecided
8.Cougars:Dee-Dee Richardson (2SF,5OV) 2018 Los Angeles,CA Committed:USC
Round 2
1.Cougars:Cam Gooseberry (1C,3OV) 2019 Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
2.Eagles:Tucker Gordon (1SF,3OV) 2020 Jonesboro,AR Committed:Undecided
3.Cowboys:Andre Helmbrecht (1SF,2019) 2019 Dallas,TX Committed:Undecided
4.Cavaliers:Fred Barry (2SG,4OV) 2019 Syracuse,NY Committed:Florida
5.Wildcats:Xion Thompson (2SF,4OV) 2020 San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
6.Stars:Jackson Allen (1C,4OV) 2018 Memphis,TN Committed:LSU
7.Warriors:Reed Michael (3SF,6OV) 2018 Dallas,TX Committed:Texas
8.Ballers:Devin Powell (2PG,5OV) 2020 Portland,OR Committed:Undecided

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