High School Throwball

Josh Goodwin chooses Palo Alto as his new school,and leads them to the top spot in the West Region

Josh Goodwin,(1PF,2OV) 2019 and Duke commit,chose to leave Spring Lake High School and attend Palo Alto High School and led them to a victory over LA Prep to earn the one seed in the upcoming LA Prep June Major Offseason Tournament with a record breaking performance.He put up fity-two goals,forty-one rebounds,ten blocks,four steals,eight assists,and was ten for eleven from the free goal line.Jake Lin,(2PG,6OV) 2019 Atlanta commit,also pitched in for Plao Alto,scoring thirty-two goals and twenty-one assists in the victory.The top scorer for LA Prep was Victor Chalmers,(2PG,2OV) 2020 Ft. Lauderdale commit,had twenty-seven goals in the 126-62 loss.

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