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Looking Back:For the first time in their lives (The upbringing of Aka Ugor)

The oldest of four children,Aka Ugor and his parents moved from Africa to the suburbs of Manhattan,New York.While his three siblings were born in the following decade,Aka was a six-eight two hundred seventy pound eight grader and was not allowed on any sports due to his extreme size.As his siblings started going to elementary school,his dad did not allow him to go to a private high school while he let his younger siblings go to a private elementary school.So he attended Manhattan High School,where he was still not allowed to participate in any other sport other than football and he made varsity as a Freshman and played good minutes as he rushed nineteen times for two hundred senty-three yards and two touchdowns as the backup.When his parents divorced,he and his mom bolted to New Jersey and left Aka’s dad and, siblings behind.His mom got a good sales job immediately.In his Sophomore year at New Jersey Atlantic Shore Prep he cut down from two hundred seventy pounds to just two hundred forty five.He led the football team all to state championship victories.His stats as the starting running back were fifty-six carries for 1256 yards,nineteen touchdowns on the ground,and three through the air.In basketball,he averaged twenty points,eight rebounds,and two blocks per game.In throwball,he averaged twenty four goals,twelve rebounds,and four blocks per game.Those stats were while he played as he was suspended from the basketball and throwball team because he had a 2.7 GPA,but it turned out that the throwball and basketball coach (the same guy) had pulled the throwball and basketball players out of class to practice as the school didn’t have enough time before or after school to practice.The coach,Ray Atkinson,was fired.They hired Aka’s uncle John Ugor as the new throwball and basketball coach as well as being the Health teacher,a class that Aka struggled with.Aka’s uncle,John and his mom hired a tutor and his grades jolted up.He led New Jersey Atlantic Shore Prep to state championships in football,basketball,throwball,track,and cross country in both in his senior year.In his Senior year he and New Jersey Atlantic Shore Prep were to play Manhattan Private where his dad coached and taught,and is siblings went to school at the elementary and middle school.He was to announce his school and what sport he would be playing college after the game.He led New Jersey Atlantic Shore Prep to a win with a career high forty-two goals,twenty-one rebounds,and eleven rebounds.He announced that he would be attending Ohio State and playing throwball.After that he went to hug his dad who would be getting back together with his mom and becoming an assistant coach at Ohio State.He would be attending a public school and his younger siblings would be attending a public school as well.For the first time in there lives.Aka is now thriving at Ohio State,going into his junior season.

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