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TN 25:The (updated) top twenty-five players in the 2020 class

(High School) Hometown

1.Devin Powell (1PG,1OV) (Chino Hills) Portland,OR Committed:USC
2.Victor Chalmers (2PG,2OV) (LA Prep) Ft. Lauderdale,FL Committed:Ft. Lauderdale
3.Jabari Williams (3PG,3OV) (Allen) Allen,TX Committed:Arkansas
4.James Justice (1C,4OV) (LA Prep) Ft. Lauderdale,FL Committed:Ft. Lauderdale
5.Xion Thompson (1SF,5OV) (Highland Park) San Antonio,TX Committed:Texas
6.Gordon Tucker (2SF,6OV) (Jonesboro Prep) Jonesboro,AR Undecided
7.Grant Messersmith (1SG,7OV) (WS Episcopal) Winston-Salem,NC Committed:Duke
8.Andre Wilcox (4PG,8OV) (Atlanta Christian) Birmingham,AL Committed:Atlanta
9.Cam Manning (3SF,9OV) (Hillcrest Prep) Phoenix,AZ Committed:Oregon
10.Jonathan Lewis (5PG,10OV) (Allen) Allen,TX Undecided
11.Austin Patton (4SF,11OV) (KC Prep) Kansas City,MO Undecided
12.Josh Hammons (1PF,12OV) (Bishop Gorman) Las Vegas,NV Committed:Florida
13.Dee Embiid (2C,13OV) (Lawrence) Lawrence,KS Committed:Kansas
14.Fred Cook (6PG,14OV) (Highland Park) Dallas,TX Undecided
15.Victor Lewis (2SG,15OV) (Dayton) Dayton,OH Undecided
16.Ben James (7PG,16OV) (Ft. Myer’s Day) Shreveport,LA Committed:Michigan
17.R.J. Benjy (2PF,17OV) (Charlotte Catholic) Charlotte,NC Committed:Duke
18.Julius Feland (8PG,18OV) (Athens Christian) Athens,GA Committed:Georgia
19.Devin Jones (5SF,19OV) (Austin) Austin,TX Undecided
20.Zach Wilson (2C,20OV) (Portland Prep) Portland,OR Committed:Northern Cal
21.EL Page (9PG,21OV) (Southern New York) Bronx,NY Committed:Syracuse
22.Sean Childers (3SG,22OV) (Prep) Chicago,IL Undecided
23.Dean Weston (3PF,23OV) (Madison) Green Bay,WI Committed:SLM
24.Allen Jones (3C,24OV) (Tulsa) Tulsa,OK Committed:Kansas
25.Jonathan Wilcox (4SG,25OV) (Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep) Ft. Lauderdale,FL Undecided

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