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TN 100:Who signed on day one?

6.Fred Barry (2SG) (Southern New York) Syracuse,NY
Barry will attend Florida over Missouri,Syracuse,Southern New York,Georgia,USC,Naples,and FGCU.Signed:Florida

8.Joe Henson (2C) (Ft. Myer’s Day) Little Rock,AR
Henson,originally from Little Rock sticks with pledge to FGCU and signs with them over Ft. Lauderdale,Florida,Naples,and Arkansas.Signed:FGCU

14.Braxton Friedel (4SF) (Palo Alto) Palo Alto,CA
Friedel,who reclassified from the 2020 class has flipped from Stanford to sign with Michigan State.Signed:Michigan State

15.Anthony Johnson (3C) (Naples) Naples,FL
Anthony Johnson,(3C,15OV),has stuck with his Naples commitment and has signed with Naples over Florida and Huff College.Signed:Naples

16.William Brown (4SG) (Tallahassee) Tallahassee,FL
Brown flipped from Florida to Atlanta after previsously being committed to Florida State.Committed:Atlanta

21.Antonio Barton (5SG) (LA Prep) Columbus,OH
Barton has stuck with his commitment to Michigan State and has signed with them over Dayton,Ohio State,USC,and Stanford.Signed:Michigan State

25.Zion Wilson (5PG) (Naples) Lafayette,LA
Wilson signs with Auburn over LSU,Naples,and FGCU.Signed:Auburn

48.Fred Jackson Jr. (13PG) (Austin) Fayetteville,AR
Jackson Jr. will go to his dad’s coached school over Arkansas and Kansas.
Fred Jackson Jr.Signed:Texas

51.Alan Eerie (8SG) (Tampa Private) Tampa,FL
Eerie,who co-led Tampa Private to a Florida state playoff berth in there first season back in major high school throwball,is sticking with his commitment and signing with Wake Forest over Virginia State,Naples,and Florida State.Signed:Wake Forest

73.Jarvin Johnson (19SF) (Austin) Austin,TX
Like his fellow teammate of Jackson Jr.,Jarvin Johnson will stick with his commitment and sign with LSU over Texas,Baylor,Georgia,and AGCU.Signed:LSU

86.Evan Houston (6Goa.) (Cherokee Vlg.) Cherokee Village,VA
Houston signs with FGCU over Virginia State,Virginia Tech,Virginia,and North Carolina.Signed:FGCU

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