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Who has signed so far? (Before and on day one and two)

1.Khalen Robinson (1SG) (Episcopal) Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
2.Josh Goodwin (1PF) (Palo Alto) Spring Lake,MI Signed:Stanford
3.Mahlon Monk (1PG) (Bentonville Christian) Bentonville,AR Signed:Arkansas
4.Cam Gooseberry (1C) (Episcopal) Little Rock,AR Signed:Arkansas
5.Jake Lin (2PG) (Palo Alto) Palo Alto,CA Signed:Stanford
6.Fred Barry (2SG) (Southern New York) Syracuse,NY Signed:Florida
8.Joe Henson (2C) (Ft. Myer’s Day) Little Rock,AR Signed:FGCU
11.Jamison Thomas (2PF) (Naples) Naples,FL Signed:Texas
12.T.J. Norman (3SG) (Bishop Gorman) Las Vegas,NV Signed:USC
14.Braxton Friedel (4SF) (Palo Alto) Palo Alto,CA Signed:Michigan State
15.Anthony Johnson (3C) (Naples) Naples,FL Signed:Naples
16.William Brown (4SG) (Tallahassee) Tallahassee,FL Signed:Atlanta
17.Mac James (4C) (Kirksville) Kirksville,MO Signed:Missouri
18.Bud Williamson (3PF) (Chino Hills) Chino Hills,CA Signed:USC
20.Milton McGee (5C) (LA Prep) Los Angeles,CA Signed:Georgia Baptist
21.Antonio Barton (5SG) (LA Prep) Columbus,OH Signed:Michigan State
22.Chris Williamson (6C) (Chino Hills) Chino Hills,CA Signed:USC
25.Zion Wilson (5PG) (Naples) Laffayette,LA Signed:Auburn
29.Oliver Patrick (7SF) (Atlanta Christian) Atlanta,GA Signed:Atlanta
31.KK Pinson (8PG) (High Point) High Point,NC Signed:North Carolina
34.Rashaun Tate (9SF) (Central) Little Rock,AR Signed:FGCU
36.Devin Donahue (1Goa.) (Ft. Lauderdale Day) Ft. Lauderdale,FL Signed:North Carolina
37.Alex West (6PF) (Highland Park) Dallas,TX Signed:Dallas
44.Jack Walker (11PG) (Prep) Chicago,IL Signed:SLM
48.Fred Jackson Jr. (13PG) (Austin) Fayetteville,AR Signed:Texas
51.Alan Eerie (8SG) (Tampa Private) Tampa,FL Signed:Wake Forest
64.Christian Barber (15PG) (Hampton) Hampton,VA Signed:NC State
66.Theo Lewis (9PF) (Yazoo City) Yazoo City,MS Signed:Florida
73.Jarvin Johnson (19SF) (Austin) Austin,TX Signed:LSU
78.Jonathan Cornelius (13SG) (Evangel Christian) Shreveport,LA Signed:Arkansas
81.Martin Howard (21SF) (Carson City) Carson City,NV Signed:Oregon
86.Evan Houston (6Goa.) (Cherokee Vlg.) Cherokee Village,VA Signed:FGCU
99.OL Jackson (24PG) (Baptist) Omaha,NE Signed:Kansas

By Carter Huff

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