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TN News Roundup 2 2019:Lots of news coming out of Throwball News

First I do want to say that I have news about the site and about what is actually happening in throwball right now,so this post will also be considered under the TN Updates.

First of all,there will be no new college throwball top 25 tomorrow because conference tournaments are going on tomorrow and will have another one out by either when all conference tournaments end or on Selection Sunday on March 10,2019.

College Throwball will be continuing invitationals next year which will happen from the beginning of the season up until Thanksgiving break.

Three related news updates as I will make each team from each conference play an equal amount of conference games again (eighteen games each) like most college basketball conferences do.Also,TN won’t base NCAA Tournament seeding off of top-twenty five rankings anymore, just base it off of their full body of work (Strength of Schedule,Wins away from home,etc).Also,the American North is disbanding so a new conference will most likely become a Power 8 Conference by the 2019-20 season.

Also,I do want to welcome DillPickArkansas to the blog formally on a post as an author as he has done a great job quickstarting our Forgein Throwball League and helping out with the NTBL.DillPick and I are discussing whether to expand the NTBL draft to two or more rounds which will most likely happen.

As I said earlier,eighteen conference games will be played in a regular season that goes from Thursday August 8,2019 through Selection Sunday on March 15,2020.It’s a thrity week season with thirty-games for each team like usual.I will try to get schedules out early as I will start working on them tonight.

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