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Changes that could be made at 2021 TN Spring Meetings (May 1-8)

1.All collegiate players will get a free year of eligibility 2021.
2.Second time transfers will get immediate eligibility.
3.The 2021 High School Off-Season Regionals will be moved up a month.
4.High School Throwball exhibition games can be played up until then.

College Throwball Throwball News TN Updates

News and notes from latest meeting between TN and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors

Here is the latest to come out of the latest meeting held at TN Headquarters in Little Rock with TN officials and the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors.

If a (likely) spike in the coronavirus pandemic happens in the end of summer, plans for the upcoming college throwball season could still happen. The NCAA T-Division will go with its new longterm college basketball like format for the sport if there is no spike, but there likely will be one. If there is a spike that will put people back in mandatory quarantine through the end of 2020, the NCAA T-Division Board of Governors and the TN Officials have put together a proposal for the college throwball season:Each school would play a ten to twenty game season (conferences will get to choose how many games will be played) in a bubble for each separate conference (which would be decided by each conference’s leadership staff).

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Post schedule for this week

11 AM CT
2020 class:Who has signed entering the signing period?
TN Week 3 College Throwball Top 25

11 AM CT
Signing Period Update
Who has signed after day one of the signing period?

11 AM CT
Signing Period Update

11 AM CT
Signing Period Recap

11 AM CT
2020 Class Rankings

Blog Update TN Updates

TN Updates:Announcement about site,news about Williams twins’s transfer

First, I have an announcement to make. The high school rankings every week will return before the teams start their conference seasons (Week 5). So, I just wanted to give a heads up on that (Sorry for the late post today, as well.

Secondly, it was announced today that because Gonzaga transfers Za and Zee Williams are transferring during the pre-season that their elgibility will be in question for their new team/school this semester but are able to have full elgibility with a doubt by January. They are visiting Cal this week.

College Throwball High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting TN Updates

2019-2020 College and High School Throwball Schedule (Updated 6/7/20)

August 1-October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp

August 16-18
2023 TN 10 (HS Freshmen) Camp

August 23-25
2022 TN 20 (HS Sophomores) Camp

August 29-September 2
*Final 2018-19 Major High School Off-Season Tournament*
Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament

September 6-8
2021 TN 50 (HS Juniors) Camp

September 9-27
Recruiting dead period (Coaches cannot contact with players).

September 28-October 5
2020 TN 100 (HS Seniors) Camp

October 5-12
2019 TN Fall Meetings

October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp ends

November 1-February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season

November 7-10
2019 Billie Burke Classic (Naples,FL)

November 11-14
2019 Sunshine State Invitational (Rosemary Besch,FL)

November 14-17
2019 CH Classic (Little Rock,AR)

November 21-24
2019 Great Lakes Invitational (Detroit,MI)

December 12-March 7
2019-2020 College Throwball Regular Season

December 23-25
2019 (2020 Class) Signing Period

February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season Ends

February 17-21
2020 High School Throwball Conference Tournament Week

February 24-28
2020 High School Throwball State Championship Week

March 8
College Throwball Regular Season ends & College Throwball Power 8 and Middle 7 Conference Tournament Week begins & High School Throwball Nationals teams picked

March 9
High School Throwball Nationals begins at Highland Park High School in Dallas,TX

March 15
College Throwball Selection Sunday & High School Throwball season ends and off-season begins

March 17-April 20
TN/NCAA College Throwball Tournament

March 24-28
Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament

April 14-18
Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament

April 20
College Throwball season ends

May 2-9
2020 TN Spring Meetings

May 22-26
Southern New York Major Memorial Day High School Tournament

June 9-13
LA Prep Major June High School Tournament

July 3-7
Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament

July 21-25
Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

August 1-16
2020 High School Throwball Off-Season Regionals

College Throwball TN Updates Transfer News

Updated transfer rankings are out!

The updated 2019 transfer rankings (college throwball) are out. It includes overall rankings, ranking every position’s players, and rankings by class.

College Throwball High School Throwball TN Updates

INJURY UPDATE!!! Ukao Makalawi

Ukao Makalawi’s doctors claim that Ukao’s torn achilles will back to normal in about 2 months but he will officially let us know if he will play or not before the season due to the lack of practice.


College Throwball NTBL TN Updates

TN News Roundup 2 2019:Lots of news coming out of Throwball News

First I do want to say that I have news about the site and about what is actually happening in throwball right now,so this post will also be considered under the TN Updates.

First of all,there will be no new college throwball top 25 tomorrow because conference tournaments are going on tomorrow and will have another one out by either when all conference tournaments end or on Selection Sunday on March 10,2019.

College Throwball will be continuing invitationals next year which will happen from the beginning of the season up until Thanksgiving break.

Three related news updates as I will make each team from each conference play an equal amount of conference games again (eighteen games each) like most college basketball conferences do.Also,TN won’t base NCAA Tournament seeding off of top-twenty five rankings anymore, just base it off of their full body of work (Strength of Schedule,Wins away from home,etc).Also,the American North is disbanding so a new conference will most likely become a Power 8 Conference by the 2019-20 season.

Also,I do want to welcome DillPickArkansas to the blog formally on a post as an author as he has done a great job quickstarting our Forgein Throwball League and helping out with the NTBL.DillPick and I are discussing whether to expand the NTBL draft to two or more rounds which will most likely happen.

As I said earlier,eighteen conference games will be played in a regular season that goes from Thursday August 8,2019 through Selection Sunday on March 15,2020.It’s a thrity week season with thirty-games for each team like usual.I will try to get schedules out early as I will start working on them tonight.

TN Updates

TN Recruiting Nation and TN College Throwball History sites are being deleted

TN Recruiting Nation and TN College Throwball History sites are being deleted.The main reason for this is so I can keep everything on one site,here at