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Ukao Makalawi Not Deciding to move up in Throwball

Remember the young Kenyan boy I wrote about a couple of months ago, well he will not be moving forward in his throwball career yet after deciding he will not be able to play his first year in college. After playing basketball in his neighborhood, Ukao fell and tore his Achilles. The doctor said it would take at least until next February to heal. He has signed with The University of Arkansas but will just be going to classes and no sports. Many people are sad due to the hype Mr.Makalawi had been getting. After writing that last article about him, he moved from 5th best foreigner to 1st place on the ranking. He says after he heals he will be able to play but we still have almost 10 months to find out. He will be heading out from the Nairobi Airport on his trip to Arkansas because his school gets out earlier than American schools. So long, I’m dillpickarkansas.

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