High School Throwball

TN 32 3.0:The top thirty-two teams heading into the 2019 Southern New York Memorial Weekend Major Off-Season Tournament

(Regional Seed)

1.(1) LA Prep (CA) Region:West
2.(1) Episcopal (AR) Region:South
3.(1) Hillcrest Prep (AZ) Region:Midwest
4.(2) Highland Park (TX) Region:South
5.(3) Allen (TX) Region:South
6.(1) Charlotte Catholic (NC) Region:East
7.(2) Southern New York (NY) Region:East
8.(2) Madison (WI) Region:Midwest
9.(3) Gainesville (FL) Region:East
10.(3) Canton Day (OH) Region:Midwest
11.(4) Miami Catholic (FL) Region:South
12.(4) Bentonville Christian (AR) Region:Midwest
13.(4) Atlanta Christian (GA) Region:East
14.(5) Kansas City Prep (MO) Region:Midwest
15.(6) Prep (IL) Region:Midwest
16.(5) Montverde (FL) Region:South
17.(7) Marion (AR) Region:Midwest
18.(6) Athens Christian Region:South
19.(2) Bishop Gorman Region:West
20.(7) Austin (TX) Region:South
21.(5) Winston-Salem Episcopal (NC) Region:East
22.(6) Greenfield (NC) Region:East
23.(3) Seattle East (WA) Region:West
24.(8) Ft. Lauderdale Christian Prep (FL) Region:South
25.(8) CAC (AR) Region:Midwest
26.(7) Central (AR) Region:East
27.(4) Portland Prep (OR) Region:West
28.(5) Seattle West (WA) Region:West
29.(6) Tulsa (OK) Region:West
30.(8) Naples (FL) Region:East
31.(7) Sacramento (CA) Region:West
32.(8) Manvel (TX) Region:West

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