College Throwball High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting TN Updates

2019-2020 College and High School Throwball Schedule (Updated 6/7/20)

August 1-October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp

August 16-18
2023 TN 10 (HS Freshmen) Camp

August 23-25
2022 TN 20 (HS Sophomores) Camp

August 29-September 2
*Final 2018-19 Major High School Off-Season Tournament*
Naples Labor Day Major High School Off-Season Tournament

September 6-8
2021 TN 50 (HS Juniors) Camp

September 9-27
Recruiting dead period (Coaches cannot contact with players).

September 28-October 5
2020 TN 100 (HS Seniors) Camp

October 5-12
2019 TN Fall Meetings

October 31
College Throwball Fall Camp ends

November 1-February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season

November 7-10
2019 Billie Burke Classic (Naples,FL)

November 11-14
2019 Sunshine State Invitational (Rosemary Besch,FL)

November 14-17
2019 CH Classic (Little Rock,AR)

November 21-24
2019 Great Lakes Invitational (Detroit,MI)

December 12-March 7
2019-2020 College Throwball Regular Season

December 23-25
2019 (2020 Class) Signing Period

February 14
2019-2020 High School Throwball Regular Season Ends

February 17-21
2020 High School Throwball Conference Tournament Week

February 24-28
2020 High School Throwball State Championship Week

March 8
College Throwball Regular Season ends & College Throwball Power 8 and Middle 7 Conference Tournament Week begins & High School Throwball Nationals teams picked

March 9
High School Throwball Nationals begins at Highland Park High School in Dallas,TX

March 15
College Throwball Selection Sunday & High School Throwball season ends and off-season begins

March 17-April 20
TN/NCAA College Throwball Tournament

March 24-28
Episcopal Major Spring Break High School Tournament

April 14-18
Atlanta Christian Major April High School Tournament

April 20
College Throwball season ends

May 2-9
2020 TN Spring Meetings

May 22-26
Southern New York Major Memorial Day High School Tournament

June 9-13
LA Prep Major June High School Tournament

July 3-7
Naples Major 4th of July High School Tournament

July 21-25
Spring Lake Major End of Summer High School Tournament

August 1-16
2020 High School Throwball Off-Season Regionals

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