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TN’s Top 2021 Prospect Quinn Johnson’s interview reveals many things about the future of the top of the game

On TN’s widely known show, TN Now, reporter Carter Huff interviewed TN’s top prospect in 2021 Quinn Johnson. The interview was focused on the many rules that could change in the transition from high school to college and inevitably to the NTBL when the meetings occur beginning next Saturday May 2.

Question 1:Carter:”With the likely change of a player being able to go one and done, how will it affect the game?”
Quinn:”For players like me, we will be able to access the NTBL faster than ever. We may not go that route but for talent that is ready, being able to access it is the right thing for the committees meeting from the NTBL, NCAA, WTBL, and High School Throwball.
Question 2:Carter:”Another likely change is that players can go three routes out of high school or more:The common college route, the WTBL, or the newest way to the NTBL, the NTBL’s developmental league, the NTBL G-League. What is your take on this?
Quinn:”I would love to go all three of these routes. But I am only one human being. I have my list of schools narrowed down and still feel like getting college exposure it is the right path for me. But, for others in the future it realistically might not be. Plus, like I said before, giving younger players more access to different leagues and teams gives them more ways to show that they are ready for the league (NTBL).”
Question 3:”The College Throwball landscape has changed because of the transfer portal? Any thoughts on the change because of the portal?
Quinn:”Well I’m glad that players don’t have to sit a season no matter if they’re transferring after their freshman season or having already graduated. I mean transferring two times will have you sitting out a season. And I agree with that. But, I definitely love a one time transfer waiver to play immediately.
Question 4:”Why did you make the decision to enroll at Huff Post high school College Prep next year, having already graduated from Hillcrest Prep, instead of enrolling in college this fall?”
Quinn:”To be honest, I feel as if my college decision is getting harder due some of my old high school coaches now in the college ranks. I mean, getting an extra year of development and not having to play on an active roster is great. But it’s mainly about me making sure I make the right decision for my college. I will commit during the early signing period in July but won’t sign until I have to.”
Question 4:Carter:”What is your recruitment looking like now?”
Quinn:”I’m down to the five schools I officially visited in the winter. AGCU, Arkansas, Oregon, Tennessee, and UCLA. All are great schools with excellent coaching staffs. I can’t go wrong with any choice. But I set my commitment date for July 4. And with the Naples AAU Tournament being moved up, I will still keep my commitment date there. If it is cancelled or postponed because of the coronavirus, even better. It gives me more time on my decision.”
Conclusion:Carter:”Thanks Quinn, it was a pleasure.”
Quinn:”No problem. Thanks for having me on.”

By carterbhuff

I'm Carter. I'm an aspiring sports journalist and growing Youtuber. My sports youtube channel is cbhsports ( Hope y'all enjoy my posts!

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