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2025 TN 25: 15 prospects added to rising sophomore class

1.Kellen Robinson (1PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
2.Alex Embiid (2PG) Lawrence,KS (Cottonwood Prep) Undecided
3.Henry Andrews (1SG) Boston,MA (Boston Christian) Undecided
4.Quinton Jackson (1SF) New Orleans,LA (Bishop Dunne) Committed: LSU
5.Victor Evans (2PG) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
6.Mahlon Reed (1Goalie) Upper Marlboro,MD (Oak Hill) Undecided
7.Jalen Forrester (2SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
8.Damion Everrett (1C) Phoenix,AZ (Pinnacle) Undecided
9.Julio Jaeavo (3SF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
10.Brandon Moore (1PF) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
11.Anthony Wilson (4SF) Richmond,VA (Brewster Academy) Undecided
12.Reese Armstrong (2Goalie) Asheville,NC (Huff NC) Undecided
13.Christian Salen (3PG) Orange Beach,AL (Wasatch) Undecided
14.Alex Williams (4PG) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Undecided
15.Jaylin Alexander (2PF) Portland,OR (Portland Prep) Undecided
16.Peter Parker (5PG) New York,NY (Spire Institute) Undecided
17.Bob Matthews (2SG) Des Moines,IA (Des Moines) Undecided
18.Jack Nelson (3Goalie) Austin,TX (Austin Westlake) Undecided
19.Vince Taylor (5SF) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Undecided
20.Porter Allison (5SF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
21.Ben Tyler (2C) Indianapolis,IN (La Lumiere) Undecided
22.Lake Manna (3SG) Greensboro,NC (Greensboro Christian) Undecided
23.Andrew Perry (6SF) Apopka,FL (Lake Highland Prep) Undecided
24.Cam Blair (3PF) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
25.Reed Curry (4SG) Little Rock,AR (Huff LR) Undecided

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