College Throwball

2021 Bracketology 7.0:Post NCAA Bracket Preview projection (2/6/21)

Midwest (Indianapolis)


16.Boston University/Lipscomb

8.NC State


4.Wake Forest



12.Notre Dame

6.Virginia State

11.Florida International


14.Northern Kentucky





West (Spokane)

1.Michigan State

16.New Mexico State




13.Arkansas-Pine Bluff


12.Yale/Sam Houston State



3.Ohio State

14.Savannah State


10.Mississippi State


15.Southeastern Missouri State

East (Boston)


16.North Dakota State/Wagner

8.Texas A&M



13.Weber State

5.Little Rock



11.Huff College


14.Georgia State

7.Michigan-Spring Lake




South (Nashville)

1.North Carolina


8.Oklahoma State

9.Arkansas State




12.San Diego/Stephen F. Austin


11.Central Arkansas


14.Alabama State

7.Florida Atlantic

10.Kansas State


15.The Citadel

Last Four Byes (In alphabetical order)


Florida International

Huff College

Notre Dame

Last Four At-Large Teams In (In alphabetical order)

Sam Houston State

San Diego

Stephen F. Austin


First Four Out (In alphabetical order)



Oregon State

Sam Houston State

College Throwball

2021 NCAA College Throwball Bracket Preview

Midwest (Indianapolis)

1.Kansas 10-0 (1)

2.Florida 9-1 (6)

3.Stanford 9-1 (12)

4.Wake Forest 9-1 (13)

West (Spokane)

1.Michigan State 10-0 (4)

2.USC 10-0 (7)

3.Ohio State 9-1 (11)

4.Missouri 8-2 (14)

East (Boston)

1.Syracuse 10-0 (2)

2.Auburn 9-1 (8)

3.Maryland 9-1 (10)

4.FGCU (15)

South (Nashville)

1.North Carolina 10-0 (3)

2.Naples 10-0 (5)

3.Arkansas 9-1 (9)

4.LSU 7-3 (16)


NTBL’s Oakland Stars to relocate, move divisions

The Oakland Stars will relocate to Las Vegas, Nevada in a move that was first reported by TN Nevada. The organization also said that it will move its G-League team, the Oakland Soldiers to Carson City and call itself the “Carson City Soldiers”. The team will move to the National Conference West, which will send the Seattle Bears (currently in the NC West) to the American Conference West.

Throwball News

2022 TN 50:Junior Rankings

1.RJ Moore (1PG) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Committed:Florida
2.Javier Jaeavo (2PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
3.Jonathan Gooseberry (1PF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
4.Kelvin Joseph (1SF) Gainesville,FL (Gainesville) Committed:Florida
5.Damon Antetokounmpo (2SF) Bentonville,AR (Bentonville) Undecided
6.Will Frazier (3PG) Miami,FL (Miami Catholic) Undecided
7.Jay Reed (2PF) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
8.Cam Williams (4PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
9.Theo Matthews (3SF) High Point,NC (High Point) Undecided
10.Jrue Reed (5PG) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Naples) Committed:Naples
11.Chris Little (1C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
12.Ben Wilson (4SF) Chicago,IL (Prep) Undecided
13.Benton Newman (1Goalie) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided
15.Az Johnson (2Goalie) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
16.Jonah Lewis (2C) New Orleans,LA (New Orleans) Undecided
17.Khasen Robinson (6PG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
19.Christian Thompson (5SF) Virginia Beach,VA (Virginia Beach) Undecided
20.Lee Matthews (3Goalie) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
21.Devin Wilkins (7PG) Eugene,OR (Eugene Catholic) Undecided
22.Chris Everett (3Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Undecided
23.Chris Todd (3PF) Spring Lake,MI (Spring Lake) Undecided
24.Joey Toliver (8PG) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
25.TJ Thomas (6SF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
26.MJ Mattison (4PF) Boise,ID (Montverde) Undecided
27.Thomas Levins (3C) Piscataway,NJ (Southern New York) Undecided
28.Wes Marks (4C) Fayetteville,AR (Fayetteville) Undecided
29.Charlie Williams (1SG) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
30.John Houston (4Goalie) Houston,TX (Manvel) Committed:LSU
31.Reed Powell (5PF) New Orleans,OR (New Orleans) Undecided
32.Javaris Thomas (6SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
33.Camp Norris (2SG) Little Rock,AR (Catholic) Undecided
34.Benny Brooks (8PG) Memphis,TN (East Memphis) Undecided
35.Jake Hicks (9PG) St. Simon’s Island,GA (St. Simon’s Island) Undecided
36.Jaxon Harper (7SF) Madison,WI (Madison) Undecided
37.Ben Nelson (5Goalie) Santa Fe,NM (Fe Episcopal) Committed:Texas A&M
38.Cam Clemons (10PG) Raleigh,NC (Millbrook) Undecided
39.Miles Porter (8SF) Columbia,MO (Nathan Hale) Undecided
40.Hayden Moore (6PF) Muskegon,MI (Muskegon) Undecided
41.Jack Hayes (5C) Oklahoma City, OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
42.Ben Milton (6C) Boise, ID (Oak Hill) Undecided
43.Victor Williams (3SG) Phoenix,AZ (Pinnacle) Undecided
44.N’Keal Evans (12PG) Fort Myer’s,FL (Fort Myer’s Day) Undecided
45.Will Plemons (10SF) DeSoto,TX (DeSoto) Undecided
46.Jonathan Harry (4SG) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
47.Evan Andrews (7PF) Columbia,SC (Columbia) Undecided
48.Andrew Backus (8PF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
49.Fred Porter (5SG) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
50.Hugh Golden (11SF) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Undecided

College Throwball

2/1 College Throwball Top 25

1.Kansas 9-0 (8-0) Big 12 This week: TCU (2/4), at.Texas Tech (2/6)

2.Syracuse 9-0 (8-0) ACC This week: at.Pittsburgh (2/4), 3.North Carolina (2/6)

3.North Carolina 9-0 (8-0) ACC This week: Florida State (2/2), at.2.Syracuse (2/6)

4.Michigan State 9-0 (9-0) Big Ten This week: at.10.Maryland (2/3), at.12.Ohio State (2/6)

5.Naples 9-0 (9-0) East Valley This week: at.Charleston State (2/1), Fort Lauderdale (2/6)

6.Florida 8-1 (7-1) SEC This week: at.South Carolina (1/3), at.Ole Miss (2/6)

7.USC 9-0 (9-0) Pac-12 This week: Colorado (2/3), Utah (2/6)

8.Auburn 8-1 (7-1) SEC This week: at.Texas A&M (2/2), at.16.Missouri (2/6)

9.Arkansas 8-1 (7-1) SEC This week: Tennessee (2/2), at.Mississippi State (2/6)

10.Maryland 9-0 (9-0) Big Ten This week: 4.Michigan State (2/3), Illinois (2/5)

11.Stanford 8-1 (8-1) Pac-12 This week: at.Utah (2/1), at.California (2/6)

12.Ohio State 8-1 (8-1) Big Ten This week: 14.Michigan (2/2), 4.Michigan State (2/6)

13.Wake Forest 8-1 (7-1) ACC This week: at.Georgia Tech (2/3), at.Clemson (2/6)

14.Michigan 9-1 (9-1) Big Ten This week: at.12.Ohio State (2/2), Nebraska (2/7)

15.FGCU 8-1 (8-1) East Valley This week:Fort Lauderdale (2/3), at.24.Virginia State (2/6)

16.Missouri 7-2 (6-2) SEC This week: Mississippi State (2/2), 8.Auburn (2/6)

17.LSU 6-3 (5-3) SEC This week: 20.Georgia (2/3), Alabama (2/6)

18.UCLA 7-2 (7-2) Pac-12 This week: Washington State (2/2), at.Washington (2/6)

19.Little Rock 8-1 (7-1) Big Southwest This week: at.Boulder State (2/1), at.BYU (2/5)

20.Georgia 6-3 (5-3) SEC This week: at.17.LSU (2/3), at.Texas A&M (2/6)

21.Miami 7-2 (6-2) ACC This week: Boston College (2/3), at.NC State (2/6)

22.Wisconsin 7-2 (7-2) Big Ten This week: at.Rutgers (2/4), Minnesota (2/6)

23.Oregon 8-1 (8-1) Pac-12 This week: at.Washington (2/2), Washington State (2/5)

24.Virginia State 7-2 (7-2) East Valley This week: Asheville State (2/4), 15.FGCU (2/6)

25.Iowa 6-3 (6-3) Big Ten This week: Purdue (2/3), at.Indiana (2/7)

Next Five:

26.Michigan-Spring Lake 10-0 (10-0) ACA This week: UNC-Greensboro (2/4), at.Eastern Indiana (2/7)

27.Florida Atlantic 9-1 (9-0) C-USA This week: East Carolina (2/3), at.Western Kentucky (2/6)

28.Tennessee 6-3 (5-3) SEC This week: at.9.Arkansas (2/2), Mississippi State (2/6)

29.Oklahoma State 8-1 (7-1) Big 12 This week: at.Texas Tech (2/4), Baylor (2/6)

30.Texas A&M 5-4 (4-4) SEC This week: 8.Auburn (2/2), 20.Georgia (2/6)

College Throwball

1/25 College Throwball Top 25

1.Kansas 7-0 (6-0) Big 12 This week: Iowa State (1/25), at.Kansas State (1/30)

2.North Carolina 7-0 (6-0) ACC This week: 20.Miami (1/27), at.Pittsburgh (1/30)

3.Syracuse 7-0 (6-0) ACC This week: at.15.Wake Forest (1/26), at.Duke (1/30)

4.Florida 7-0 (6-0) SEC This week: at.21.Missouri (1/26), 12.LSU (1/30)

5.Michigan State 7-0 (7-0) Big Ten This week: Minnesota (1/25), at.Northwestern (1/28)

6.Naples 7-0 (7-0) East Valley This week: at.17.FGCU (1/27) at.Asheville State (1/30)

7.Stanford 7-0 (7-0) Pac-12 This week: at.19.UCLA (1/25), 8.USC (1/30)

8.USC 7-0 (7-0) Pac-12 This week: California (1/26), at.7.Stanford (1/30)

9.Auburn 6-1 (5-1) SEC This week: 12.LSU (1/27), at.Ole Miss (1/30)

10.Arkansas 6-1 (5-1) SEC This week: Ole Miss (1/26), at.18.Georgia (1/30)

11.Maryland 8-0 (8-0) Big Ten This week: at.23.Iowa (1/28) (play at.Rutgers on February 2)

12.LSU 6-1 (5-1) SEC This week: at.9.Auburn (1/27), at.4.Florida (1/30)

13.Ohio State 7-1 (7-1) Big Ten This week: Minnesota (1/30) (play Michigan on February 2)

14.Michigan 7-1 (7-1) Big Ten This week: Nebraska (1/26), at.Rutgers (1/31)

15.Wake Forest 7-0 (6-0) ACC This week: 3.Syracuse (1/26), at.Boston College (1/30)

16.Little Rock 6-1 (5-1) Big Southwest This week: BYU (1/27), at.Houston Baptist (1/30)

17.FGCU 7-0 (7-0) East Valley This week: 6.Naples (1/27), at.Charleston State (1/30)

18.Georgia 6-1 (5-1) SEC This week: Tennessee (1/26), 10.Arkansas (1/30)

19.UCLA 6-1 (5-1) Pac-12 This week: 7.Stanford (1/25), at.California (1/30)

20.Miami 6-1 (5-1) ACC This week: at.2.North Carolina (1/27), at.Notre Dame (1/30)

21.Missouri 5-2 (4-2) SEC This week: 4.Florida (1/26), at.Kentucky (1/30)

22.Virginia State 6-1 (6-1) East Valley This week: at.Asheville State (1/27), Atlanta (1/30)

23.Iowa 6-1 (6-1) Big Ten This week: at.25.Wisconsin (1/25), 11.Maryland (1/28)

24.Oregon 6-1 (6-1) Pac-12 This week: Washington (1/26), at.Colorado (1/30)

25.Wisconsin 5-2 (5-2) Big Ten This week: 23.Iowa (1/25), at.Indiana (1/30)

Next Five:

26.Michigan-Spring Lake 8-0 (8-0) ACA This week: John’s Hopkins (1/28), at.Norfolk (1/30)

27.Florida Atlantic 7-1 (7-0) C-USA This week: Marshall (1/26), at.UNC-Charlotte (1/30)

28.Oklahoma State 6-1 (5-1) Big 12 This week: at.West Virginia (1/27), Oklahoma (1/30)

29.Tennessee 4-3 (3-3) SEC This week: at.18.Georgia (1/26), South Carolina (1/30)

30.Alabama 4-3 (3-3) SEC This week: at.Kentucky (1/27), Texas A&M (1/30)

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2024 TN 10:Change at no. 1

1.Jaxon Goodwin (1SF) Spring Lake,MI (IMG) Undecided

2.Christian Wells Jr. (1SG) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided

3.Carter Huff Jr. (2SF) Little Rock,AR (Episcopal) Undecided

4.James Randle (1PF) La Porte,IN (La Lumiere) Undecided

5.Julius Jackson (2PF) Orlando,FL (Monteverde) Undecided

6.Kevin White (2PG) Louisville,KY (Louisville Catholic) Undecided

7.Sean Johnson (3SF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided

8.Dillon Powell (3PG) Portland,OR (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided

9.Raymond Michael (2SG) Dallas,TX (Highland Park) Undecided

10.Vince Wilson (3SG) New York,NY (Oak Hill) Undecided


2021 TN NTBL Mock Draft 5.0

*Projected draft order*

1.Brooklyn Kings-Fred Barry, Guard, Florida (Sophomore)

2.Milwaukee Storm-Josh Goodwin, Forward/Center, Stanford (Sophomore)

3.Seattle Bears-AJ Charles, Forward, Maryland (Senior)

4.Oakland Stars-RJ Baizley, Forward, Syracuse (Senior)

5.Oklahoma City Pumas-Wilson Andrews, Center, Louisville (Senior)

6.Memphis Bobcats-Joe Hinson, Center, FGCU (Sophomore)

7.Baltimore Seawolves-Damon Alexander, Guard, Kansas (Junior)

8.DC Hawks-DeShawn Hand, Center, Florida (Junior)

9.Charleston Hornets-Tra Jackson, Guard/Forward, Naples (Junior)

10.New Orleans Rattlesnakes-Reed Pinson, Forward, North Carolina (Junior)

11.Kansas City Panthers-Devin Powell, Guard, Michigan (Sophomore)

12.Charlotte Avalanche-Kerry Melton, Forward, Virginia State (Senior)

13.Philadelphia Falcons-Clyde Bozeman, Guard, Michigan (Senior)

14.Pittsburgh Grizzlies-Victor Clemons, Guard, Michigan State (Senior)

15.Hartford Black Bears-Theo Parker, Forward, Oklahoma State (Junior)

16.New York Wildcats-Dee-Dee Richardson, Forward, USC (Junior)

17.San Antonio Sharks-CJ Williams, Guard, Little Rock (Junior)

18.Boston Wolves-RJ Maton, Guard/Forward, Tennessee (Junior)

19.Cleveland Warriors-Za Williams, Guard, Ohio State (Senior)

20.Little Rock Bucks-Brandon Todd, Forward, Texas A&M (Junior)

21.Birmingham Dragons-Jamison Thomas, Forward, Miami (Sophomore)

22.Sacramento Hornets-Jackson Allen, Center, Tennessee (Junior)

23.Indianapolis Spartans-Antonio Pointer Jr., Forward, Auburn (Junior)

24.LA Suns-AJ Chaney, Forward, Syracuse (Junior)

25.Chicago Bruins-Kennedy Alexander, Forward, Michigan State (Junior)

26.LA Pacific-Kelvin Sisa, Forward, Kansas (Junior)

27.Boise Stallions-Greg Little, Center, Michigan State (Junior)

28.San Diego Rockets-Reggie Mack, Forward, FGCU (Junior)

29.Santa Fe Indians-Jay Johnson, Guard, Iowa (Senior)

30.Phoenix Storm-Alonzo James, Guard, North Carolina (Junior)

31.Atlanta Eagles-Cam Walker, Guard, North Carolina (Senior)

32.Dallas Blues-Treylon Payne, Guard, Little Rock (Sophomore)

33.Eugene Coyotes-KJ Hill, Forward, TCU (Junior)

34.Des Moines Trojans-Quinton Wilson, Forward, Kansas (Senior)

35.Detroit Avalanche-Kathlon Reed, Forward, Arkansas State (Junior)

36.Lansing Lions-Will Helmbrecht, Guard, Texas A&M (Senior)

Throwball News

1/18 College Throwball Top 25

1.Kansas 5-0 (4-0) Big 12 This week: Texas Tech (1/21), at.Baylor (1/23)

2.North Carolina 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: at.Clemson (1/20), at.NC State (1/23)

3.Florida 5-0 (4-0) SEC This week: at.Kentucky (1/20), at.Vanderbilt (1/23)

4.Syracuse 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: Georgia Tech (1/18), at.Boston College (1/23)

5.Michigan State 6-0 (6-0) Big Ten This week: Indiana (1/22), (play Minnesota on 1/25)

6.Naples 5-0 (5-0) East Valley This week: at.Jones College (1/20), Charleston State (1/23)

7.Stanford 5-0 (5-0) Pac-12 This week: Oregon State (1/21), at.Arizona State (1/23)

8.USC 5-0 (5-0) Pac-12 This week: 17.UCLA (1/20), Arizona (1/23)

9.Arkansas 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: at.Kentucky (1/20), at.Alabama (1/23)

10.Auburn 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: at.Alabama (1/18), 19.Georgia (1/23)

11.Maryland 6-0 (6-0) Big Ten This week: Northwestern (1/19), Indiana (1/24)

12.Michigan 5-1 (5-1) Big Ten This week: at.Penn State (1/20), at.Illinois (1/23)

13.LSU 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week: Tennessee (1/20), Ole Miss (1/23)

14.Ohio State (5-1) (5-1) Big Ten This week: Illinois (1/20), at.Purdue (1/23)

15.Little Rock 4-1 (3-1) Big Southwest This week: Houston Baptist (1/19), at.Wichita State (1/23)

16.Wake Forest 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: Clemson (1/19), at.20.Miami (1/23)

17.UCLA 5-0 (4-0) Pac-12 This week: at.8.USC (1/20), at.Colorado (1/23)

18.FGCU 5-0 (5-0) East Valley This week: Charleston State (1/21), at.Jones College (1/23)

19.Georgia 5-0 (4-0) SEC This week: Mississippi State (1/20), at.10.Auburn (1/23)

20.Miami 5-0 (4-0) ACC This week: at.Duke (1/20), 16.Wake Forest (1/23)

21.Missouri 4-1 (3-1) SEC This week:  (1/21), Texas A&M (1/21), at.South Carolina (1/23)

22.Virginia State 4-1 (4-1) East Valley This week: Fort Lauderdale (1/20), at.AGCU (1/23)

23.Iowa 5-1 (5-1) Big Ten This week: at.Rutgers (1/20), (play at. Wisconsin 1/25)

24.Oregon 4-1 (4-1) Pac-12 This week: California (1/19), Washington (1/23)

25.Wisconsin 4-2 (4-2) Big Ten This week: Minnesota (1/19), (play 22.Iowa 1/25)

Next Five:

26.Tennessee 3-2 (2-2)  SEC This week: at.14.LSU (1/20), Kentucky (1/23)

27.Michigan-Spring Lake 6-0 (6-0) ACA This week: at.Eastern Indiana (1/13), Delaware (1/17)

28.Alabama 3-2 (2-2) SEC This week: Auburn (1/18), Arkansas (1/23)

29.Florida Atlantic 5-1 (3-0) C-USA This week:

30.Mississippi State 3-2 (2-2) SEC This week: Ole Miss (1/19), at.Texas A&M (1/23)

High School Throwball High School Throwball Recruiting

2023 TN 25:Sophomore Rankings

1.MJ Monk (1SG) Bentonville,AR (Episcopal) Undecided
2.Nao Ugor (1PG) Nigeria,Africa (Montverde) Undecided
3.VJ Justice (1PF) Ft. Lauderdale,FL (LA Prep) Undecided
4.Christian Duval (2PG) New Castle,Delaware (IMG) Undecided
5.Zion Payne (3PG) Toledo,OH (Toledo) Undecided
6.Kevin Gill (1SF) Chino Hills,CA (Chino Hills) Undecided
7.Kris Knox (2SF) Phoenix,AZ (Hillcrest Prep) Undecided
8.Aaron Jones (4PG) Atlanta,GA (Atlanta Christian) Undecided
9.Ned Nelson (1Goalie) North Little Rock,AR (CAC) Undecided
10.Bill Nix (1C) Seattle,WA (Seattle East) Undecided
11.Nate Oliver (2PF) Bronx,NY (Northern New York) Undecided
12.Malachi Altman (3SF) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
13.John Williams (2C) Kirksville,MO (Kirksville) Committed:Missouri
14.Alex Little (3C) Oxford,MS (Oxford) Undecided
15.Luke Ervin (4SF) South Bend,IN (South Bend Catholic) Committed:Notre Dame
16.EJ Hurst (2SG) Cherokee Vlg.,VA (Oak Hill) Undecided
17.Victor Moore (5SF) Dallas,TX (Bishop Dunne) Undecided
18.AJ Richardson (6SF) Los Angeles,CA (LA Prep) Undecided
19.Greg Newman (4C) Bradenton,FL (IMG) Undecided
20.Clark Wallace (5PG) Durham,NC (La Lumiere) Undecided
21.Fred Walton (2Goalie) Oklahoma City,OK (OKC Prep) Undecided
22.Theo Moore (7SF) Palo Alto,CA (Palo Alto) Undecided
23.Chris Lee (3Goalie) El Paso,TX (El Paso) Undecided
24.Tevin Jackson (3SG) Ft. Myer’s,FL (Ft. Myer’s Day) Undecided
25.Howard Johnson (5C) Fargo,ND (Fargo) Undecided